Monday, June 26, 2006

Crafty Update

Now, let's get craftily up-to-date.
I spent a busy Friday making some more Wedding Congratulations cards for a wedding that takes place on 1st July. I'd already made one for this particular wedding and this customer had passed my details on - suddenly I found myself with orders for FOUR cards for the same wedding! Got these orders done and in the post, along with a jewellery order, so was quite pleased with myself.
My next card orders are for New Baby cards and although wedding cards are nice to do, I'm ready for a change after that lot plus the other few I've done with wedding themes lately!
Then I've orders for a couple of little kiddie birthday cards - not really my forté, especially as they are the dreade BOY variety, but hopefully I'll come up with something.
I've a stack of friends and family birthdays coming up soon, but I've been pretty good and have a little stock of cards in the box ready for those. YAY!

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