Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And now for my answers

1. A bald-chested, blue budgie called Sparky
2. Pooh, with an awful lot of Piglet in the mix
3. Probably get shot down in flames by hubby for this, but I'm going for the Aston
4. Salt and Vinegar - currently loving the Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar ones fromMarks & Spencer's Hand cooked range...
5. A long, long sail around the Aegean, visiting as many of the Greek islands as possible
6. Coffee
7. Probably Spring - as long as it's a nice warm Spring!
8. Yes, in France, 1999

9. Snake
10. Backgammon & Scrabble, fave is Backgammon. I abhor Monopoly
11. Yep, I got a daily sudoku calendar - but I'm still in May with that!
12. hard one this. Gerbera, Snowdrops, Sweetpea - but tomorrow the list would be different
13. coffee cream, or maybe a praline
14. 10-15 I think, but I didn't go and count properly
15. I've counted 20, but I might have to have a recount

OK, so over to you. The questions are in the previous posting in case you missed them


Lythan said...

Right I've done the questions on my blog. Now you can do my memories challenge!

Rachel said...

Ive done this too Kathy!

Janine said...

awww come on whats wrong with monoply lol

Kathy said...

Well Janine, my brother grew up to be an accountant......playing monopoly with him wasn't so much a game as preparation for work! Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!!!!!!!

Jane said...

oooops ! sorry Kathy ! I've been distracted doing 'banners' I will take up your challenge tomorrow. The card is fab as always ! thanks for the mention. (grin)

Paula said...

Thanks Kathy - I've done mine, and also emailed everyone at work cause they aren't into this 'blogging lark'

Paula said...

Thanks Kathy - I've done mine and also emailed it round at work as they aren't into this 'blogging lark'

Lisa said...

Done it - off to do Lythan's now!!