Monday, November 05, 2012

You can run.....

These years go round so darned quickly - I couldn't believe it was already time to come up with some fun card idea for my cousin.  His idea of the perfect birthday is taking the day off from work, having a long lie-in and being left alone to do as little as possible.  Usually he'll jump at the chance of a meal out or meeting up - but not on his birthday!  I'll add a mini gallery of some of the cards I've made for him over the years but first, here's this year's, which on the front is quite plain really
But on the inside there's big letters, bright colour and horror of horrors for a man's card GLITTER!!!! Well, that'll teach him for being such a Bah Humbug about his birthday!

Materials and Tools:
Chevron paper from the latest Quirky Kit
Coloured paper inside from Bo Bunny
Bazzill card; Pink, Grey
Googly Eyes, Black yarn for hair
Ice Stickles in various colours
Craft Robo to cut the Letters, the Running Man and the Head/Hands for the hiding man
All other wording printed direct onto the card from the pc

Here's a montage f some of the other cards I've made for him over the last few years - I'm not quite sure why it amuses me to put so much thought and effort into his cards, but it does!
Actually, it's probably because he thinks I'm bonkers!

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Anice said...

Fab card Kathy. I bet he secretly looks forward to seeing what you have come up with this year!!
Anice xx

Loopylou. said...

he he he he!! thats just awesome Kathy!! I am with Anice, I bet he loves it when your card arrives. I love the little gallery of cards you've made him too hun!!!
they all look so fab
huge hugs Lou xxx

Angelnorth said...

Another fab card! You montage just proves how memorable they are - I recognised all but the target one immediately!

Lynne Robertson Glen said...

Fab Kathy, I remember the target and the pizza ones. Bet he'd in a right huff if he didnt get his birthday card :) x

Sue said...

Ha ha I love your card. Good on you for making him recognise his birthday every year in such a fun way.
Sue x

Kaz said...

It shows how long we've known each other because I recognise them all!!
Love the new one, especially the big surprise inside. I bet he loves them too. xxx

Karen said...

hahahaha I hope that makes him sit up and notice his birthday!!!!! Awe...I remember that pizza card so well because I sneaked the idea for my SIL afterwards! HUGS xxx

Eleanor Bell said...

What a great card and story. I think we often come up with our best work for people who don't go for the traditional. xx

Traceyr said...

hahaha great card Kathy :)

Hazel said...

What a super idea - great card x