Monday, May 18, 2009

A mini crop, cyber style!

I had every intention of blogging sometime over the weekend, honest.. but here we are on a Monday already!
Spent Saturday out and about - popped into my bro's place to say "hello" as its a while since we last saw them all and I wanted to pick up my little Cuba album that I left there last time, then to one of the garden centres - I don't know, we seem to need to visit at least one every week atm, can't remember when I last went "ordinary" shopping I've almost forgotten what M&S and John Lewis's look like!
Back home with a boot full of compost and some new plants, frames for growing the tomatoes on - all that sort of boring stuff. Then obviously it was out into the garden to deal with peas and beans and what-have-you.
Getting really sick of all this windy weather, it plays havoc with my hayfever and my eyes are always streaming and itchy.
OK so now the moaning is over and I can talk craft instead.

Bubbly Funk is one of the forums I like to hang out on - I have a few such favourite places for craft chatting lol. Anyway, one of the BF Girlies mooted the plan of a Retreat - booking into a big self-catering place and hiding away for a weekend of crafting and no doubt, gossip. It was a popular idea and this last weekend they all deserted the forum and headed off to play.

Those of us left decided that we should have ourselves some crafting fun too so we organised an "instant" cyber crop - it had to be "instant" because we were a bit late in thinking of it. Actually though, it worked really well and being impromptu added to the fun. Nothing was really organised -and everyone was invited to add a project, class or anything really - we also used You Tube videos of various projects as a starting point for our crafting.

We had a joke thread and also some photo prompts on-going over the weekend which kept us giggling and taking/sorting photos - which was great fun

I made this tag after watching one of the Tim Holtz vids using distress inks
And this pop-up card was made following a You-Tube video tutorial, it all folds flat into itself, but my photos aren't really showing that too well, are they?!

Back next time with more - if I can find the photos!


Sue said...

Well done on completing something Kathy.
We had a great weekend on the forum.
Sue x

Angelnorth said...

You were very productive, especially for saying you spent most of Saturday about your gardening business! Glad you had fun, it was a great idea - ta!

Janice said...

Great stuff Kathy, I enjoyed it too.

Marimer said...

Me encatan tu blog y tus creaciones, son preciosas y si me lo permites te seguiré.

Hazel said...

Love what you achieved, Kathy - and thanks for helping to make it a fab weekend of fun and crafting x

CLARE said...

Great pop up card - so clever that it folds flat. gorgeous tag too.

LisaBabe said...

Gorgeous tag and card, Kathy. Wish I was half as productive as you!

Lisa xoxo