Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thursday is my day to post on the Bubbly Scrumptious emag.

I had a rather tiresome day yesterday - you know? the ones where lots of little irritants conspire together to make life difficult for you. I won't go into details because it's boring unless you're in the middle of it. Save to say the printer had a hissy fit in the morning, then we had a power cut which knocked out all the clocks, the pc aetc. All the computer stuff came back on ok - except the external device where all our joint stuff lives, including the camera stuff. Which meant I couldn't upload new photos - or get at any I'd already done.
It meant I needed to add my pics for the Bub Scrump this morning.
But the alarm clock didn't go off did it? So we didn't wake up till about the time hubby normally leaves for work.
Never mind, hopefully things have all settled down and I can now have a more normal day - I've got loads to do so don't need any hitches!

In the November Bubbly Funk kit was the prettiest little chipboard book - all pearlised chipboard pages with scalloped edges. The chip pages are graduated in size and all different pale colours. To me it had an icy sort of feel so I decided to use it for snowy day photos and add lots of glittery, pale coloured accents to match the pages.
There's more about how I made it, and extra photos on the emag, which is now available to everyone and worth checking each day as new articles are posted daily
The December Kit will soon be available and is going out much earlier than usual so that you have plenty of time to get busy with Christmas projects, or maybe plan how you're going to remember the Festivities in your post-Christmas projects.
Here's a sneak peek of one of the things I've made with the new December Kit

Right, I have my DCM ard to do for tomorrow, plus a birthday card for MIL and a host of other things on my Crafty List. I'd like to do some Christmas Shopping too if I get the time.

Hope to catch up on all the blogs later too.

Have a good day


Hazel said...

How do you keep turning out such super crafting, Kathy? Obviously, it's your marvellous creativity and talent.

Kaz said...

This is too gorgeous for words x

Karen said...

Goodness me Kathy...thats gorgeous! oooo do I spy a star card there??? heheX

Sarah said...

The book is adorable Kathy - I love the way you always put so much detail into your projects.

Hmmm the sneaky peek looks good too- I think I know what it is but I guess I have to wait and see if I'm right!

Janice said...

Lookin' good Kathy!

Paula said...

That minibook is delicious! Definately icy & wintry, makes me feel very festive. I am putting my tree up this weekend because its the first time in 4 years (since my BIL )that i have wanted to celebrate Christmas.

CraftyCarol said...

That little book is absolutely gorgeous! x

Anice said...

Oh Kathy the mini book is fabby! I love seeing what you create it's always so beautiful!
Anice xx