Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stitching and Sticking

I've slipped into Bad Blogger mode over the last few days. Not only have I not blogged since Friday, but I've not really managed to do much blog-hopping either. I've been trying really hard to get around all the comments left on the DCM blog about the birdie cards we asked you to make though. Sometimes it takes ages, but it's always worth it to see all the fantastic cards, and all the ideas people share with us all.
I think that later today I'll treat myself to a wander down my links list and all the blogs I find along the way.
This morning I had one of those update messages from Friends Reunited and instead of ignoring it I thought I'd wander over and see whether there really were "new people listed" I didn't spot any, but it's always bad to go to that site as before you even notice you've spent ages going down the lists and seeing if you can remember any more of those names which, frankly mean not a jot! Or maybe that's just me....

I have been crafting even though I've not done any blogging, I've had something on the go for a couple of weeks now, doing little bits towards it every now and then. It's still a "work-in-progress" but as it's something I want to add to in the future that's ok!
This is a sneak peek
And here's another little something I've been playing with
Next another blatant plug for my fave source of wonderful ribbons and trims!
Bea from Ribbon Oasis sent a wonderful little bag of gorgeous ribbons etc in lovely Christmassy red, green and white colours for me to play with. And guess what? I've not made any cards (yet).
Here's one of the projects I have made so far:
It's a little purse just big enough to hold a small gift, maybe a necklace or some earrings or other small thing. I used felt for the base and then strips of ribbon were woven together to cover the felt and sewn in place. I bound the raw edges with pieces of wider ribbon and sewed up to make the little purse shape. It closes with a popper and I've sewn a brass button on the top.
Just thinking out loud.....I wonder if I could make a tiny little book to put inside this? hmmmm that would be cute!

I've got more bits and bobs to share, but I'll add them another day


Hazel said...

Beautifully intriguing sneak, Kathy and yet again, great crafting - you have so much talent

Kaz said...

What an unusual project with the ribbons, I love it.

The sneaky peek is intriguing too!

Sue said...

I love that little purse/bag Kathy, such bright colours.
I love Ribbon Oasis, they have so many different ribbons to choose from.
Sue x

Karen said...

ooo I love that little purse Kathy, clever girl!!! Sneaky peaks look like good stuff too XXX

Angelnorth said...

Love all the dimension on the sneak peek! Great ribbon purse project too, look forward to seeing the matching book ;o)

Gez said...

Fab little purse, what a great idea. Love the sneak peaks. :o)

Time just disappears when you go blog hopping but it is nice just to lose yourself in blogland for a while. x

asia wu said...

I know that you already got that award, but I wanted to give you one from me - youre a true inspiration. Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Youre so clever....wish I could create wonderful items like these!