Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hang up Your Stockings

Taking a break from trying to come up with something for the new DCM challenge for Friday.
My brain hurts and my mojo has upped and left.

Good job I have a couple of things in reserve to put on here then. Mind you, when they're gone, they're gone as they say on the ads.

This is another little sewing project I've done for Ribbon Oasis this month. I thought it was about time I found out if I could still remember how to thread my sewing machine!
I'm quite pleased with this little stocking. If I had the time, patience and motivation to make 24 they'd be cute as an Advent Calendar sort of thing.
Especially if filled with little chocolate treats....
The little stockings are made from red and white felt, I've sewn lengths of Bea's gorgeous ribbons and braids around it and added a ribbon loop for hanging it up. I reckon it's big enough to fit something like a tube of Smarties in. Or a few wrapped sweeties of some sort.

Maybe I could get away with just making this a lot of numbered tags. Then I could just change the tag each morning to indicate the right day of Advent. What do you think? lol

The Christmas card making grinds on. slowly.
I found a couple of Cuttlebug embossing folders I'd forgotten I'd bought so thought I'd better have a go at using them. Well, one of them. Actually, a bit of one of them.

I've used the Cuttlebug trees from a cut & emboss set - haven't got on very well with the embossing bit of the set but I love the cut part!
Papers are the fabulous "Oh Joy" set from Cosmo Cricket - I've had them for about a fortnight and I've not "gone off" them yet!

My mouse marker wotsit has disappeared - makes it very tricky to know where I'm at when I need to correct anything. I wonder if it's gone off with my mojo?


Karen said...

Awe cute little stocking Kathy...but if you are going to have a different label on the same one everyday you had better make sure its got your name on hehe X

Kristen Hermanny said...

I just got these cuttlebug trees. They are cute. I love the paper you used with yours.. They were out of the embossing folder you used at all my local stores in the Chicago area.
Happy Card Making!

Angelnorth said...

Cute little stocking! Not sure a single one is going to make an impressive advent calendar though. How about doing a week's worth and pegging them on a little washing line and using the pegs to hold the different labels on? Maybe even seven would be a labour of love, huh? Great cards again too! Oh, I left a little love for the DCM team on my blog - maybe you could deputise?!

Anonymous said...

oh wow thats the sweetest stocking ever!love it...

Di said...

Awww loving that stocking Kathy, you definately need to make some more of those....I like Joanne's idea!

Lovely cards as always xx

Gez said...

Gorgeous stocking Kathy! You've just got to make more. They would look fabby all in a row. :o)

Lovely cards. x

It does look nice paper.

Janice said...

What a delightful stocking, how big is it?

I've got an award for you on my blog. In fact you are doing quite well, with the DCM one from Joanne and I've given you two! Just like the Oscars lol

Kaz said...

Lovely cards and stocking Kathy.

CraftyCarol said...

Beautiful cards x

Pascalebrad said...

What a darling stocking. I have a little something on my blog for you. Pascale :)