Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy New Country

Still keeping really busy with all sorts of stuff, so not much to show on my poor old blog.'I've made quite a bit of stuff lately but it always seems I can't show it for one reason or another.
Here's the emigration card I made for my best customer. I've done another one for her too, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.....
It's all done in glitter card, I had to hand cut because the card was too thick for the Robo so it took flippin' ages!

It's Lisa's birthday today and I've got a horrible feeling her card won't arrive on time - I got it into my head that her birthday was tomorrow - but the reason the 17th is at the front of my mind is because that's when the new bedroom stuff is being fitted and clearly Lisa isn't a wardrobe, so I got that wrong, didn;t I?
Happy Birthday Lisa - your card went in the post yesterday so fingers crossed it DID get there in time after all


My Paper World said...

This is gorgeous! I love all the glitter!

Farmersgirl said...

What a fab card Kathy. I really like the simple clean lines,the glitter just makes it so special.


Hazel said...

Great card - labour of love cutting the glitter card

Jackie said...

That's lovely Kathy.
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog (I think )) I would just like to say (removing my strategically placed boot) that these are the only Christmas cards I've made so far and need waaaaaaaay more than that!! lol

~KRISTY~ said...

What a fantastic card to give someone!I'm sure your friend will LOVE it here in Australia!