Monday, November 05, 2007

Fighting the lethargy on a Monday

ohhh I really felt like crawling back under the duvet after hubby left for work this morning....
Sadly not possible though, so I'm snoozing in front of the pc and trying to find the energy to cross to the other side of the study and the messy mountain that has grown as if by magic (can't be anything to do with me, surely) on my craft desk.
I made a few Christmas cards while hubby was making a start on painting yesterday - he's been trying to get the ceilings and those other bits painted which will be less accessible when more stuff gets fixed to the walls in the new rooms.
Not sure I'm happy with the cards, but I'll have another look later and see what they look like in the cold light of day!
I can show my Design Team cards for the fab Crafty Templates website now. Leo's templates are great and offer loads of scope to play with and make "your own". I've only been on the Team a couple of months and I'm a real beginner with "shaped" cards and I love that the templates can be used in a more traditional way to make toppers for cards - handy when I'm feeling less than confident and need to hurry back into my comfort zone!
If you've not tried any of the Crafty Templates downloads then you should - doesn't matter what sort of cards you make I reckon you'd find them fun and inspiring too.
Enough of the waffle - here are my cards:
This super-duper cupcake is a fab template! I'm not sure I got the candles quite right though - they look a bit like skyscrapers don't they? Maybe using the ribbon on them wasn't the nest idea....I tried to make the icing look like sugar frosting by using lots of UTEE and Glittery embossing powder
I love this 3 crowns template. All 3 crowns are cut seperately and mounted on the base card for a bit of definition, but the centre one is raised more on foam pads.
I've added Stickles glitter glue to the buttons to make them more "bling" and used punched out stars from glitter card on the background. The soft gold paper I used on the background has a really subtle glittery sheen which doesn't show up well in the photo, unfortuantely.

Took these photos in the garden last week and didn't get round to blogging them


Farmersgirl said...

Love the cup cake - maybe a bit of flame on the candles would make them more obviously candles - still looks great though.

Your trees are still quite green, our's have pretty much all turned colour now and most of them are on the ground!

PS Get back to your crafting table and make something!

Em said...

Fabby cards Kathy, especially love the pink cake one of course!

I love all the autumnal colours on the trees at the tick, so beautiful.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Has Caroline seen your cupcake template yet Kathy? She lurves cupcakes!

The autumnal shots are fab - I love this time of year and the miriad of colours around.

Beth said...

Wow, Kathy, these cards are truly amazing. Love the cake one, how did you do that? Wish I had your inspiration? Keep 'em coming. XX

Angelnorth said...

I confess I did think 'skyscrapers' before I read your comment! I had changed my mind to see them as candles before I started to read and then you changed it back again for me! No reason a cupcake can't have skyscrapers though - it would just have to be humongous enough :o)

Your trees look pretty. Most of ours are completely bare now - the last frost saw off pretty much the last few leaves.

Caroline said...

I love the cupcake Kathy and its Pink too - what more could a girl want, lol !!