Monday, November 26, 2007

Something for Me

I love making little books, but usually I make them to give away - probably because it takes away the need of thinking what to do with them once they're done - or finding somewhere to store them!

Anyway, I worte a class on how to make a folding album for Saturday's Bubbly Funk cybercrop and this time I decided to make the book for myself. I'm lucky enough to have a lot of old photos in my possession thanks to my family history research and I thought that this little album would be a lovely way to show some of them off. Not the real photos obviously but printouts from the scanned originals so that I could resize them and attack them with ink and brads etc without any worry or guilt
This is the cover of my album - I used Daisy Bucket papers and Bazzill card throughout

Flowers are all Primas from various collections and the ribbon is from Ribbon Oasis.

The photo below is the partly-opened album

The photo above is the album all flattened out. As well as the photos I've left space, or little hidden tags or mini-booklets so that I can add a bit of info about the photos.
I'm actually quite pleased with this and it was such fun to make. It's quite nice to make something that only has to please me iykwim

I've not had much of a crafting weekend, though I managed a few more Christmas cards. One of which will be going in the bin half made because it's rubbish.
Went to John Lewis on Saturday and spent a fortune on lovely new dark red towels for the B&W bathroom, a new shower caddy wotsit for the wall in there and various other bits and pieces.
Popped into my bro's house to see how their building work is coming on. Ours has been bad enough but they've been living on a building site since well before last Christmas as last year they did work on the upstairs of the house and this year the really big work downstairs as been tackled. It's looking good though - well, if you see beyond the piles of rubbish, the makeshift "kitchen" (their old sink fitted in a trestle table and a microwave oven), and all the wires hanging out of the walls. If it's finished by Christmas it'll be a miracle!

The joys of renovation, eh?


Melanie said...

What a stunning project and a lovely way to keep those special memories or old photo's.

Paula said...

Very pretty book. I love that you have used old photos. I would do it all in vintage style.
My sister has a tin of over 200 photos of our relatives but being a selfish mare, she won't let me scan them all & she just has them sat in a tin not being at all crafty.

Gorgeous wordless card too.

Anonymous said...

Its absolutely beautiful Kathy. :) Definately don't give it away!! Gorgeous card too.

Nick said...

Kathy its gorgeous! I'm just like you I never make for myself, maybe its time I tried

Hazel said...

That is fabulous, Kathy. I missed most of the BF day on Saturday, but hope to be able at some point to tackle some of the classes (although I have a list of other crafty things that have to be done first)