Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Mixed Morning!

I thought I'd give you a laugh and share my start to the day!

Keith (builder) said he wouldn't be here till mid-morning, Hubby was going into work late this morning as he'll be leaving later this evening to go karting after work (well you don't wnat to work longer hours than necessary, do you?) - anyway, this meant we got an extra long sleep in. Which I have to say, I really need as I'm suffering from the annual onset-of-winter-blues plus I've got a bit of a cold.

I thought I'd take the chance of a leisurely shower this morning while hubby was still here, rather than the "got to be quick in case the builders arrive early" one that's come to be the norm.
Anyway, I'd washed and put conditioner on my hair and set to with the other shower-y chores.
I then dropped the soap, bent down to pick it up, stood up, bashed my head on the metal basket thing that all the shampoos etc are in, which promptly jumped off the hook, landed on my foot and scattered the contents all around the shower tray. Bearing in mind I can't see a thing without my lenses in, plus the shock of bashing me head, having a heavy metal thing land on my foot and being showered with random bottles of shampoo, shower gel, soap and razors it's no wonder I shrieked loud enough to have hubby come hurtling down the stairs to see what had happened!

So much fo a lovely leisurely, relaxing shower..... Fortunately so real harm done!

And so on to thenormal Tuesday stuff.
It's DCM Little Extra day and Santa's Little Extra Helper has been prodded into action again. This week the theme is Snowmen and Snowflakes
I've just bought the Cuttlebug winter die set so this was a good chance to five the little snowman a work out.
At first I left him hatless, then thought he could be a snow-woman and added a glittery hairband, then decided I didn't like that either so dug out the QK snowman die to see what the little tophat from that would look like. I think it looks pretty cute, so I've added little hats to all my Cuttlebug snowmen now. Somehow they all looked a little naked - or "nekid" as Lyth would say without a little headdressing!
Papers from the BG Figgy Pudding pad, snowflake ribbon from Ribbon Oasis, embossing - Cuttlebug snowflakes folder
Here are some more in the same vein
Some papers from English paper Co, some from the DCVW Christmas pad
I've also got the Cbug Vintage Die set which has nice corner swirls and a couple of intricate square designs. I used one for these two cards, I thought the deign looked a bit like ribbon streamers and would make a good frame for the snowman. The fabbylicious snowman grosgrain ribbon has been waiting to come out and play for weeks. I love it, such a gorgeous shade of blue and such cute little pictures along it - obviously it has to be from Ribbon Oasis too!

And finally a couple of mini-cards, both using Self Addressed kits plus that "vintage" Cbug die set and a couple of the embossing folders too


Angelnorth said...

Great cards Kathy - I love the addition of the little hat for the snowmen. The soirally frame does look a bit like ribbon streamers, makes a good sized frame for the snowmen too - great stuff!

Hazel said...

Lovely cards, as usual. What an adventure/fiasco your blissful showertime was!

LisaBabe said...

I never fancied that snowman before, but now I've seen him with a hat he's on my wishlist. I've already got the QK one, so I may have to pinch your idea if I get him.

Hope the winter blues don't last too long

Love Lisa xoxo

nickynoo said...

Gorgeous cards Kathy, I love them all.

All Pink girl said...

Just love them all ,they are all so cute ,Dawnx

Paula said...

Oh dear! Sounds like the kind of morning I always have when I decide to plan anything er...leisurely! sorry you are blue & got a cold. My cold is now sinusitis! If they'd just given me the damn antibiotics two weeks ago, I do pay for them!

Gorgeous cards, love the snowman & also those swirls.I stamp swirls all the time.

jujuCreations said...

Oh dear, what a shower-y experience! Hope it gets better when the weekend draws near :)

Nice Snowmen and Snowflake cards, love the ribbons!

Susan (Sue H) said...

Well that was one of a start to the day Kathy!! Hope your head, foot and anything else that happened to to get in the way soon recovers!!

Love the card...that little snowman is so cute.

PaperBabe - Kim said...

Love your snowmen,yes the hats are very classy and your mini cards are beautiful.

Sorry to hear about your eventful morning it's always the way when you wanted leisurely... hope you shake off the winter blues.

Thanks for sharing!