Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tidy? Moi? You've got to be Joking!

Firstly, I want to let you know that the SAEs are arriving and I'm filling them up and getting them back in the post asap. Now I think there's a postal strike scheduled to begin tomorrow, so if there's a delay in the envelopes arriving here, or in the filled ones getting sent out to you, then that'll be why, sorry, but it's not my fault!

I am feeling rather guilty and embarrassed because some visitors to my blog have seen my cute new prima drawers, and read about my paper clear out and have expressed admiration for my tidiness.
l, I'm sorry, but this couldn't be further from how things really are so here's the truth of my craft area as it looks right at this moment.
So, what have I been doing in amongst my crafty mess?
A new Circle Journal has just started over at Bubbly Funk and the books are off on their 9 month journey around the country. Here's the front cover and my LO:

And finally for now, here's a few glimpses of something I've made for a little gift. I'll show it properly in a week or so.


Andrea said...

Love the cover and LO, they are so funky.

Marlou said...

absolutely fab!!!!!

Hazel said...

As usual, all fab!!! You have really heartened me by showing your craft area - mine looks very similar!

Pootle said...

well it has to be said that your craft room looks tidy compared to mine atm!

Love the CJ cover.

est26 said...

Kathy My craft space looks much the same as that, I was looking for some orange ribbon for a halloween card and I now have ribbon all over the floor!!!

Gorgeous piccies, can`t wait to see the full item and your circle journal is stunning too

Keryn Campbell said...

Your craft area still looks tidier than mine Kathy.

asia wu said...

This is stunning, I love the album.

Farmersgirl said...

Kathy, your CJ is gorgeous, you always do such lovely work. I am so jealous!


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Kathy, thanks for sharing your crafty space with us all. Two things; Will thinks that I have too much stash so I'm going to show him yours, and the other thing..... Mine is tidier than yours at the mo as I tidied up before I went to Cornwall for Karen's wedding (only because my parents were staying here for a couple of days with the kids) and I haven't got anything out again yet! LOL ;-) xx

Ooh, you lot!!! I've got Kathy's CJ with me to do and am totally stuck for ideas. I would say answers on a postcard please (which would also fit in very nicely with the DCM dare this week) but RM are playing silly beggars ATM so they prob wouldn't arrive anyway.

TraceyR said...

This Stash Attack journal looks even gorgeouser(if there is such a word) in "real life". I just hope I can do it justice.