Friday, October 05, 2007

The Postal Service. A Strike A Rant and a Postcard

OK, so is there a postal strike or not?
Hubby says he saw people closing up post boxes yesterday afternoon, but the postie has just knocked at the door with a package and some other stuff. hmmmm
A couple of SAEs arrived yesterday, but I'll hold on to the paper packs till the mail is back to what passes for nromal in the RM - Sarah, Janice & Tracie - they are all ready to go as soon as.
I've still got 3 stacks here waiting for the SAEs to arrive.

While on the subject of the Royal Mail, can I just have a little rant. Recently I received a card in the post saying I need to go and collect an item which had underpaid postage on it. I duly went to the sorting office to find the offending article was a handmade card which had one ordinary sized brad (ie not one of the big fat ones) on it. The sender had put a regular first class stamp on the envelope. The Postal service said it was too fat and should have had a "fat" letter stamp on it. I had to pay the 6p underpaid plus an extra £1 to get the card - just for one measly little brad. Am I the only one who thinks this is is disgraceful and way over the top?
I'm starting to think it's just a money-making scam by the Royal Mail and tbh I'm really quite angry about it all.
So fellow cardmakers - think very carefully about the cards you're making for the coming Christmas season and remember that the new postage system has been carefully designed to make just one tiny brad - or maybe even a little bit of chipboard will take a card into the "fat" category.

Rant over!

This week Jane set the DCM dare and wanted us to make a postcard instead of a "normal" card. Not an easy one this, especially in a busy week. I didn't think I'd get one done at all, but late yesterday afternoon I came up with this. I didn't have much time, so I decided that I could go with a grungy effect that makes it look as if it's already gone through the mail!
Paper, black & cream card from an old SA Kit
Doodling - started off using a template also from SA kit, but found that gel ink doesn't work so well with these so ended up doing them freehand
Cuttlebug present die
Lots of inking and some gold Krylon pen work,
The whole thing was Versamarked and UTEEd a couple of times

I'm busy working through a card order and this one is the most urgent. It's for a customer to give to her hubby to celebarte the birth of their 2nd child. An unusual commission, but once she'd sent me a photo it started to fall into place. The ribbon comes undone and inside the flap is a photo of the proud father and his new son. I quite like this hidden photo idea so I think I'll use it again - it's sort of the opposite of scrapbook hidden journalling!

This is the card I've made to send to them both. Now, if I can get the retirement card, the anniversary card and emigration card made before the PO people go back to work I can send them all off together! Yeah, right!


Rhi said...

Gorgeous cards Kathy, I love the hidden photo, so cute! I know exactly what you mean about the £1 fine or handline fee as they call it... hmmm.

Hazel said...

That baby card is brill! And love the postcard (ironic the dare this week is to post a card!!)

Andrea said...

Fab postcard and I just love the baby card

Jackie said...

What beautiful cards. I love the one with the hidden photo-might have to pinch that idea ;)

Saffa said...

Rant away hun!! Honestly its rediculous!!!!

Anyways gorgeous cards as usual!

The baby ones are sooooooooooo cute!!

Deb said...

I agree, the postal service needs some competition that would shake things up a bit!
Cards are fabby! I am loving your baby cards, the one to the hubby is such a sweet thing!

All Pink said...

Love your cards ,the baby ones are so cute ,Dawnx

Paula said...

Fabulous postcard, stunning colours & you captured the grunge look well. It doesn't however look like it has been walked all over & kicked around the floor so you must have used courier post for this one!!
Now I know why you posted a few days ago about wanting to run away until the dare was over, well if you do send me a postcard won't!

Gorgeous baby cards, love all that embossing, I have never tried UTEE.

Sarah said...

Love your postcard Kathy,very striking! The baby cards are brilliant too. I am now resigned to the fact that every card I send costs more, I agree it's a rip off, I am dreading sending my Christmas cards this year!

Lythan said...

What lovely cards Kathy - the one for the baby's dad in particular is amazing. Did you put the offending card through the slot to check it? I always take cards I am not sure about to the post office where they have the perspex letter checker and I am amazed at what will go through - brads are usually no problem. it all makes me go "hmmmmmmm"

Clare said...

Great postcard, love the 'grungy' look.

The baby cards are lovely too, especially like the one with the hidden photo inside, a great idea.

Sylvie :) said...

Great set of cards ! I love them all !

Samm said...

Wow, you have been busy!!! these are gorgeous Kathy!