Sunday, October 28, 2007

Peace Reigns

Well, at least for today!
No buildymen of any sort here today. The plasterer was here pretty much all day yesterday so none of our lazy Saturday lie-in for us aggghhhh. Still, he got all the plastering finished in what will be the main bathroom and can now move on to the new en suite tomorrow. I can't quite believe how dusty it is while he's here - I thought knocking down the walls would be the dustiest, muckiest bit, but the plaster dust is so fine it gets everywhere, sneaks through the tiniest gaps and just floats in the air until it gets the chance to land, or be breathed in by anyone passing by! My skin feels permanently dusty and I'm growing a dry dusty cough too. I'm also growing a Dust Paranoia I think as I found myself going down to the loo the other night wiping the banisters with one of those "Flash" wet wipe things as I went........
The woman is coming back tomorrow to do the proper measuring up for the new bedroom furniture, the electrician will be back this week to do whatever he needs to do, but I think it'll be the following week before the new "sanitaryware" arrives or the tiler comes - which is the real fun bit.
I've been busy doing a new set of cards for Crafty Templates, but I can't show them on here quite yet. In fact it seems that most of what I've done in the last week or two is stuff I can't show properly so I thought I'd add some more of those sneak peeks from a couple of projects to be going on with

Remember this?
Well some people kindly awarded me one of these smile buttons and (kathy blushes) I completely forgot to pass it on!
You never fail to amke me smile with your beautiful, inspiring creativity
well, you're another Grecophile for a start and that "Two Dares, Wins" pun has had me chortling and smiling ever since you posted it....
Who is one of the kindest and most helpful fellow crafters I know - her Craft Robo tutorials are so easy to follow - and that can't fail to make anyone smile!
Because she may possibly be the worst blogger in the world, but she deserves a smile award for her unfailing sense of humour - all her forum friends would agree, I'm sure!
Because her shop is a guaranteed smilefest of tempting stash, so she definitely deserves an award for keeping us happily parting with our cash!


Angelnorth said...

Oooh, do we get to see more of the sneak peek projects later, than? They look lovely!

Thanks for the nomination :o) I've had a couple of others and I decided I couldn't bear to draw up a shortlist of only 10 so I bottled out, I'm afraid!

Keryn Campbell said...

Reading your blog I'm so pleased we decided only to redecorate and get new fitting etc in our bathroom when we did it instead of knocking down wall etc. I'm sure it's going to be worth it once it's over.

Lynne said...

Oh likin' the look of these 'sneaky peeks' - can't wait to see them in their full glory.