Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Getting Closer Every Day!

If all goes according to plan the builders will arrive sometime during this week to start the alterations to our bedroom and to split the ginormous bathroom into two. There's to be a bit of wall and doorway moving/altering/building and we also have to have both the current rooflights moved, so keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays dry while we have holes in the roof, please!
I know it's going to be chaos and mess and I'll probably not enjoy the next few weeks very much, but eventually it will be all lovely....won't it?
Yesterday chose the finish/style for the bedroom furniture so that as soon as the alterations are done we can get the fitters to come and do the wardrobes etc. While the builders are here the electrician will do all the new lighting, switches and sockets as all these will need to be moved from where they are now. Hubby has been having lots of fun drawing up plans of where he wants them all to be - he likes doing stuff like that - and it's just as well, because if it were down to me the electrician would say "where do you want these sockets to be?" and I'd stand there, shrug my shoulders, scratch my head and say "er.....I dunno really...."
We'll have to get the room painted before the new furniture comes, and we'll need to arrange for the new carpets to be fitted too.
I'm looking forward to having an ensuite bathroom again - maybe I wouldn't have missed it so much if bathroom here hadn't been so hideous. but it'll be nice to have the convenience (pardon the pun) again! Oh and the shower in there is going to be HUGE! We've been planning the new bathroom stuff for so long I can hardly believe it's actually going to happen now!
Will it all be done by Christmas? I'm trying not to think about it!

The crafty mojo has gone missing for the last few days, I hope it'll be back soon because CJs have been landing on the doormat, quite apart from the stack of cards I need to make and that "C" thing I need to get organised for. I can at least put the photos of the little plaque I made for fellow DCM-er Gillian's birthday last week. I really enjoyed making this. I love adding extra little bits and bobs to this sort of piece - it's often knowing when to stop that's the hard bit!
I used those wonderful We Are Memory Keepers Vintage Brass papers (yes, again!), it's such a fab range of plains and patterns, with loads of stripes, paisley, and flowery designs to play with. I added lots of other stuff including beads, Primas, chipboard, ribbon, brads etc. Did some UTEE and glittery embossing, and plenty of inking and Glossy Accent-ing.
I had such a ball making this!


Sadie B said...

ohhh this is delicious, so touchy feely. Wonderful job

Hazel said...

What a lot of love and talent has gone into this gorgeous card! It's not going to be an easy time with the builders in (been there ...) but the end result will be well worth it.

Monty's Mum said...

OMG this is stunning.....its beautiful.

Sylvie :) said...

WONDERFUL !!! Love everything !

Paula said...

Very pretty, Miss KAthy. I love the 3D aspect to it. I know what you mean about the CJ's. I knew the thems well in advance but now all the ideas I had have gone belly up & as far as scrapbooking is concerned I just can't do it!

mamaluke said...

oooh lovely! gillian kept that quiet!

Anne said...

This is so pretty, Gillian must love it!
Good luck with the builders, it will be worth it in the end!

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

Just lovely!! Just gorgeous! If I would have known about Gill's bday... ;)
Lotsa love heading your way!!! Mich