Monday, October 08, 2007

been shopping!

I was soooooo disappointed on Saturday. A new Hobbycraft shop opened nearby and we went for a look on Saturday, but try as I might I could find nothing I wanted to buy. I've never been to one of these shops before and I haven't missed much have I?
I couldn't believe how little cardmaking/scrapbooking/papercrafts stuff there was tbh. Well, ok there were plenty of peeloffs and "thin" paper but nothing much else. It's handy to know that there's somewhere fairly near to buy basic sewing stuff and that sort of thing but they do seem to fall into the "Jack of all trades, master of none" - I couldn't even find decent craft kits to put away for the nieces and nephews for Christmas, most of what they had was cheap tat.

Today I've been out to meet fellow DCM-er Lythan for lunch. Her newly-embarked on course takes her to Cambridge every now and then and with her meeting being mid afternoon it was a good excuse for a hastily arranged lunch and craft shopping session.

Much more success was had on the shopping front so I'm a happier bunny today. I bought the "Flowers" set of Cuttlebug embossing dies, a new Cats Eye chalk ink "queue" for the collection, some versamark cubes, some big brads, some more of those gorgeous Hampton Arts mini sets of stamps and another bottle of stickles (very pretty - "fruit punch").
We did have to retrieve all that lot from the bin when the carrier bag they were in fell off the shelf while I was washing my hands.....what a numpty I am!

For those of you waiting for paper packs - Sarah, Tracie, Cathy and Janice, they are ready to go but I'm waiting till Thursday to post them as by then the strikes should be over. Some people said they'd send SAEs but I haven't received then yet, I'll wait a few more days then if they've not come, I'll check my "reserve" list!


Paula said...

glad you got something after all. I've heard it said before they claim to have stunning stuff for crafters but most of it is peel offs. I find The Range is one of the best craft places for me.

Anne said...

Shame about Hobbycraft! I was looking forward to the first Scottish one opening beginning of November, but I'm not so sure now... I'll probably have to check it out anyway, just in case. :)

Saffa said...

Aww Kathy..ukh Hobby craft! Its kind of a place where you go when you are just startingout and then you think WOW....but it very quickly loses its appeal!

I may have to pop into craft central in richmond though!!

Glad you had a nice al be it quick lunch!