Friday, July 06, 2007

Text Messaging

Another Friday rushes in - actually I should say it was blown in as it's just so windy around here. It woke me up in the night with all it's racket too, I'm sick of this horrible weather, can we PLEASE have some of the nicer sort now?
I guess we won't be seeing many hosepipe bans this year, eh?
It's New Dare from the DCM day, but before I get to that, I've just realised it's ages since I did an ordinary sort of diary update so here we go.

House-wise we're still waiting for planning permission to come through so we can move the windows etc. We've spent loads of our weekends traipsing around bathroom places and tile places and hubby is doing the sums and beginning to panic. Builder has us pencilled in for August so keep your fingers crossed the permits come through will you please?
The door for the new en suite shower room will be where our wardrobe is atm - which means we need new wardrobes too.
Moving the current bedroom door down the passageway a metre or two means we'll probably need new carpet too - it's mad how one job just leads to another and another...

Hubby went to Brands Hatch last Sunday with my bro and our nephews, he was supposed to be going to an archery comp but sitting in a grandstand watching fast cars go round the track was more appealing than standing out in a muddy field in the rain. I stayed home and dry and got on with my CJ - the black and white one in yesterday's message. I needed it done by Monday so it was all a bit of last minute again - which is why I'm not happy with my own page - it was rushed, and it looks it. So I'm not sharing!

I was so pleased last week when I heard the news that an old forum friend of mine had given birth to a beautiful baby boy - I'm absolutely delighted for Lu, as I know this is something they've been wanting for so long and it's wonderful to know that after all the hassles they've gone through, little Luca is safe in their arms. I've seen the photos and the three of them look radiant.

Oh and the other good thing that happened was a delivery of a batch of cuttlebug embossing folders and a die from the US. They came from Scrapbooking made Simple - I've bought loads of dies from here before, they are fab and Stacey is always so helpful. Apart form that the post has been soooooo dull this week - I think I need to rectify that by ordering more stash.....but what do I need? Answers on a postcard, please!

Right, back to the new dare:
This week the Design Team have come up with this idea for you to play with, we hope you'll enjoy it.
definition... the main body of matter in a book or manuscript. the actual wording of anything written or printed, short passage of scripture, etc

We'd like you to somehow incorporate text into your cards this week - not just one word.. but a portion of TEXT... like a poem, or newspaper print, Caligraphy, Even rip up an old text book and use some of the paper from it, there are masses of possibilities here, so let your imaginations run riot and let us see you texting to your heart's content!

I managed a couple of cards though I'm not totally conviced about either of them - but isn't that always the way?
First up is a card using an embossing folder for the first time - the baby one, just in case you didn't realise :-) Decided I had to tweak it a bit so used my robo to cut a perfectly sized circle (if nothing else Mr Robo is worth having just for the ease of cutting circles!), then having embossed it I still couldn't just leave it be so attacked it with a bit of smudged around glitter glue - that's the bit I'm not convinced about). I cut the "baby" word and mat with the robo and raided my crafty stash for the ribbon, lace and cute little charm. I wish I could remember where this particular charm came from as it's much nicer and chunkier than the other baby feet charms in the box.

The next one is a bit different I think. I'm never really sure about using text papers - I always worry about what they actually say - maybe it's something quite rude, or totally inappropriate to the occasion - I mentioned this to other DCM girls and heard some really funny stories which proved to me that text papers should be handled with lots of care!
Anyway, I decided that using one this way would be fairly safe as most of the wording is actually covered up with other stuff.

The B&W text paper, and also the mottled silvery-grey one are from pda.
Photo is by Hubby - check out the Damselfish photos link in the side bar for more of his gorgeous photos (thought I'd give him a free plug there)
LOOK! - I used rub-ons again! I saw these distressed photo edge ones from Imaginisce and thought they were lovely - they've been lying around for a few weeks since I bought them, but they worked really well here I think. Just so's you know - they are SUPPOSED to have bits missing and look "tatty", it's not just bad workmanship, OK?!
The ribbon was going to have a bead on it but I couldn't persuade it to go through the hole, so I knotted it instead. That'll teach it.

Please please, check out the fabby cards on the DCM blog this week - so many gorgeous cards to look at, and a little "teaser" for you about some great news we've had this week. Some of you might even find out ahead of Tuesday what we're on about, I wonder who'll be first to figure it out........


Rachael said...

I love both your text cards but my favourite has got to be the bottom one it's just stunning - I LOVE the colours!

Patsy Jackson said...

They are both fab cards Kathy! I actually really like the baby one! Great idea to cut into a circle! Must 'borrow' that one lol!

Patsy x

Paula said...

Beautiful cards. I adore the baby one. So soft & gentle just like a newborn.
Daisies are so striking i am always drawn to their images. Fab card.

mum on the run said...

Great cards Kathy, just love the baby one!

As for what you need to buy, how about sonme stamps?? Muahahahaha!!

Am intrigued about the big news..

Tracey said...

Love them both Kathy - brill as per usual. Tx

Lythan said...

OK so I've never used my robo to cut out a circle - lightbulb moment for me! I love both these cards - as usual!

stamp and scrape said...

Both lovely cards, but I particularly like the 2nd one. It has a lovely fresh feel about it - please congrat you husband on his photography too.

Rein said...

Pretty cards, I love both!

Patsy Jackson said...

Hi Kathy

Have tagged you on my blog - hope you don't mind :) Details can be found there!!

Patsy x

Flossie's Follies said...

Love these cards, they are both fantastic

Wife2TJ said...

What an adorable baby card!!!

Susan said...

How lovely to have a DH who takes amazing photographs you can then press into card service!! I love the team work! And the baby card is so sweet - the feet really are special and I like the cuttlebugged letters with the lace and ribbon - have not managed to 'dress up' a cuttlebugged paper before like this and you have given me ideas :-) Thank you!

Trust all the renos will go well for you all.

Leigh said...

Both stunning cards Kathy

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

So pretty. How beautiful!

Sam Morris said...

Both of them just beautiful...great photography too!