Monday, July 16, 2007

All Change

We're having a bit of a change around in our study, reorganising the computers, getting a new desk just for my craft stuf and making my old desk just for my pc, robo and the old pc which is going to be used for storage etc. It was total chaos in here most of yesterday, and now it's just a mess!

I don't really want to put my craft stash all back in it's old hidey-holes under my desk only to have to move it all again when the new one arrives, so most of the boxes are just atcked against the wall. I'll probably just have sorted myself out so that the bits I use most are at hand when it'll be all-change again!

I thought I'd just add a glimpse of something I've been making. It's for a birthday present and it's going to be late, but I hope my friend will like it and forgive the fact that it didn't get there on time.

And this is a sneak peek of the card to go
with it

I might see if I can get some "poor craft zone" photos on here later - that's if I can figure out which pc I can load them onto, because not everything is set up on mine yet, and some of my stuff is no longer on this one.
Why are computers so complicated?


LisaBabe said...

Oooo I love when you show us sneaky peeks, Kathy. Can't wait to see the full thing - bet it'll be amazing.

Lisa xoxo

Flossie's Follies said...

Your sneak peek is such a tease, it looks great, can't wait to see the entire thing.

Jules said...

Hmmm, sneaky peeks look very interesting....

I love having craft room sort outs and changeabouts. I dread the thought of them, but love doing them. All that stash that you have forgotten about...

Natty said...

Oh lovely flowers and beadage... look forward to the big reveal! :oD

Lisa said...

Can't wait to see what it all looks like!

Anonymous said...

It was for me!!!!
OMG it is gorge and I am so lucky :)
Never for a minute expected something to arrive that had taken so long to make and be so very special.
I shall enjoy using my book Kathy and it shall be treasured.
Many thanks and love,
Shal. xxxx