Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Full Circle

Circle Journals are fun to be part of, but at times it's all a bit hectic. Over the last few days, one circle has been completed and another just begun. I did the last pages for a Bubbly Funk circle and sent the book off to it's originator - and of course my own book has now returned home, so I've just done some photos of the wonderful pages Chris, Caroline, Di and Karen have made for it. Then over on Bumbleberries a HUGE new circle has just begun. There are 10 of us in this circle and the books will be winging their way between England, Scotland and Ireland right through till December. The time schedule is a bit tighter for this one so I'm going to have to be more organised and not leave my pages till the last minute.
Hah! fat chance. I'll let you know how I get on.....
First though, I forgot to put a full pic of Lythan's birthday card on here., so here it is:
I was quite pleased at how the flower turned out.

Papers are Twirl from Crate Papers, I'm thinking I might need to invest in another pack of these, I love them so much.
I cut Lythan's name with the Craft Robo - remind me not to use this font in such a small size again, will you! Boy was it fiddly to stick.
I've got a sneak peek of another card to show you but I might save that for tomorrow.

Back to the Circle Journal then.
For my book I took the subject "Sew Crafty" and asked the paarticipants to tell me about their favourite crafting styles and techniques. As I can't remember a time when I couldn't sew, for a bit of a twist I asked them all to use some sort of "real" sewing on their pages. They really came up trumps and I'm so happy with the results, it's a gorgeous little book, and one day I might even get round to doing the extra pages I left for myself to fill in!

The cover and my first page

Chris's Pages

Caroline's pages:

Di W's pages:

Karen's pages:

The sign in page

I'm feeling really lucky to have been part of this circle journal and want to say a big Thank You to these fabby talented people for making my book such a special thing to treasure. Tomorrow I'll show the pictures of the new CJ that's just gone off on it's long, long journey!


CarolineO said...

Wow, beautiful CJ, Kathy. You must be so pleased to have it home.

Jo said...

wow, that flower is so lush - fab CJ too :)

jo xx

Karva said...

that is just amazing, well done everyone, please say there's no sewing request on your new one :(:(:(

Angelnorth said...

Lythan's card is fabulous Kathy, the flower looks beautiful (bit of a swine for posting though, I should imagine!).

What a great CJ, your Bubbly team did you proud.

sharon said...

What a gorgeous card, I love those papers.

Samm said...

Wow, great work!!!


mum on the run said...

Beautiful card, I just love that flower!!

CJ looks great too, fab bobbins on the sign in page :)

Jackie said...

I love Lythan's birthday card, it's really pretty.
I love CJs too, especially when they come home.

And I've tagged you. :)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Love Lythan's birthday card Kathy, that flower is lush.

Your CJ is gorgeous isn't it. I love CJ's as you see so much style based around your own, central theme. Talented bunch over at BF aren't they? ;-)