Sunday, July 22, 2007

Paperbag Book Novice

I wanted to make something for Sharon's birthday. She's such a lovely, kind-hearted person and she's been a good friend to me over the last few years - even though I've actually only met her once - isn't the on-line crafting community wonderful?
Anyway, I wanted to say "Happy Birthday" and also "Thank You" to her for always being just an email away - I'm very thankful that I have a friend as trustworthy and reliable as Sharon, and I hope she knows it!

So what could I make for her?
I'd got the Bubbly Funk June Kit for making a clever "Travel Keepsakes" Album and as I alsobought the Add-On Extra bit I had enough paperbags to make the album (well, I might get round to it one day, you know....) and still have some spares, so I decided to have a bash at my first paperbag type book.
Actually these bags aren't the gusseted sort they seem to use for paperbag books, they're just regular ordinary ones so this is a "KathysWaffle" version of a paperbag book!
I just folded the bags in half and aranged them like they tell you to do, but there aren't the "hidden" flaps that you get with bags with gussets.

I used Basic Grey "Blush", "Pheobe" and "Perhaps" papers throughout, plus various colours of Bazzill card. As well as the big pockets made by the bag openings I added a few tag pockets too

I'm going to show the photos in two lots as even with just 3 bags you get 12 pages, so it would be a long post - I've used the small size setting for the photos so you can click for a bigger version if you want to.

So if you want to catch up on the rest of the book, tune in tomorrow for the second installment!


SharonL said...

Awww Kathy, you super, daft devil you :)
I was just checking in to see if you had posted the pics and there was such a lovely write up too. Thank you Hun :)
I am shocked that my book is a paper bag; had to search very hard to find evidence of it!!
I still need that pic of you :)
This is only going to have very special people put in it :)
You are a real diamond and STAR, MrsB.
Love and hugs,
Shal. xx

Dollydimps said...

Absolutely beautiful Kathy-I'm sure Sharon will love it!
ps pass on my birthday wishes to Sharon and tell her I miss her!

crazystamps said...

Katrin !! this is WONDERFUL !!!! a great and precious gift !!!! :)

Andrea said...

Wow that is brilliant. I love the papers.

NickyNoo said...

Completely gorgeous Kathy, as usual! It's a beautiful book and I'm sure it will be treasured by a lucky lady :0).

Beth said...

This book is very special indeed Kathy, lovely colours, and the BG is my fave too. Your friend Sharon is a lucky lady. Bless you.

Lynne.x said...

Oh Sharon - you lucky ducky. Its gorgeous Kathy.

Susan (Sue H) said...

Wow Kathy, that’s really beautiful and I know Sharon loves it because she told me so.

Adele said...

Absolutely stunning Kathy. Beautiful colours and such scrummy papers.

Waves to Sharon!!!

love Adele.xx

Karva said...

Fab book Kathy
Just dropped in to tell you I tagged you.
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

WOW:-0 that is just stunning, I don't know what wlse to say. Gorgeous work, as always. Well done

mum on the run said...

Wow, it's so beautiful Kathy..
love the BG papers and what you've done with them.

Godelieve said...

This is fantastic! Great job!