Sunday, July 08, 2007

7 Random Things Tag (Again)

Patsy and Jackie have both tagged me with this one. Paula tagged me a few weeks ago with it, but hey, I'll see if I can come up with another 7 equally dull random facts about myself :-)

1. Like Patsy, I'm from the North East, I was born at the seaside and the older I get the more I miss being by the sea
2. I'm stupidly scared of snowy/frosty/icy roads and won't drive on them - I also hate those I love to be out in their cars in that sort of weather, and panic till I know they are all safe in their homes.
3. I adore Greece, whenver I go, as soon as I step of the plane it just feels like I'm home. I start getting withdrawal symptoms if I don't have regular trips over there!
4. Probably my fave comfort foods would be either a nice hot chilli, or a really good slab of lasagne
5. In our horrible manky, (hopefully) soon to be renovated bathroom there are 2 sinks - in one of them the cold tap doesn't work, in the other the hot tap doesn't work...great, eh?
6. I don't like currants, raisins, sultanas or any of those yucky squelchy things
7. Two things I really really enjoyed doing, even though I very nearly bottled out of were going up in a glider (absolutely fantastic) and going round Silverstone GP Circuit with a pro race driver - terrifying, but sooooo exhillerating! It's extra special when you conquer your nerves and fears to do something like that and find it was fun after all.

There you go then. Now, I've had a look around the blogs and loads of people have already done this tag, so I'm just going to say that if you haven't already done it, then why not have a go - it's not so hard once you get started!


Patsy Jackson said...

Hi Kathy

Thanks for doing the tag! It's kind of becoming 'done to death' isn't it lol!

Anyway thanks :)

Natty said...

Oh I didn't know you were from the north east Kathy. Whereabouts?

I was at the coast recently for a lemmon top fix! hehe

Sam Morris said...

Good luck with the bathroom when you get it will all be worth it in the end (I know this from experience lol)