Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Inspired by Lythan and Joined Up Writing!

Got a load of things to do this week, so this is a flying visit, if I get anything else from my list done today then I'll try and come back later with another post.

Anyway, jere are a couple of cards inspired by Lythan's fab "Every Little Piece of My Heart" class at Scrapstars last week.
The first card is my attempt at making Lythan's card, but to make a flower shape instead of a heart. Now, Lyth told us "the smaller the better" for the squares, and as I don't have any small square puches (yep, already on the "to buy" list) I set about cutting 1cm squares with my little guillotine. Well I soon got fed up with that lark :-) - cutting strips so narrow is really hard with my guillotine - it seems to think the least you'd want to cut is 15mm. So I decided to go with the "close enough" method and followed through with this when cutting the strips into squares. Hence in both these cards my little squares are a litttle random!
Not content with disobeying the instructions on the shape we were making, and making my squares in such a wonky fashion, I then decided to chop the finished shape up too!
I'm sorry, Lyth, I know I'm a bad student but I've always had a rebellious streak!
Here's my patchwork flower card - I used BG Fusion (yes, I know, againnnn) and some ribbon from my Christmas stash haul, all stuck onto some gorgeous lilac stardream card - which doesn't really show up as lovely as it is.
I had a rush order for an anniversary card, so used the same technique again for this one - I even cut hearts too! Still nicely wonky though! Lots of different papers in red, silver, white and black this time. A torn piece of my favourite "Love" vellum fixed with brads to a silver stardream card then the two hearts and a bit of grosgrain ribbon in a dark red colour. Now, I loke this card, but the couple it's for have been married for over 40 years and now I'm a bit worried that it might not be "trad" enough. I suppose I could make another one, just in case - what do you think?
And my final word - or words
My lovely hubby helped me figure out how to make Joined-up writing with my robo at the weekend. You would not believe how excited I am by this so I'm sharing them with you!


Lythan said...

Ah Kathy you are EXACTLY the right type of student. The one who learns something and then puts their own twist on it. I like the slightly wonky aspect of the squares and might try one that way!

And I still have to brave Inkscape (have downloaded it, turned it on and turned it off again in fright) so am envious of your welded words. Can you teach me?

Anonymous said...

Well done on your joined up Kathy, it looks really good.

Kaz BF

mamaluke said...

I love that joined up cut out, isn't the robo fab! will have to save my pennies! and well done your dh!