Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Baaaaack

aaahhhh you probably didn't even notice I wasn't here, did you? :-)
We went off and had a few days in Canterbury in celebration of Hubby's birthday. Eventually I'll have some photos to put on here, but Himself insisted that we shoot "raw" as it makes sorting the dross and then improving the light and stuff on the OK ones easier. As I don't know how to do the "developing" I'll just have to wait until he has time to do them for me.

The light definitely needs a bit of help though as Canterbury was grey, very grey - though it didn't actually rain, so we should be glad of that. Well, it didn't rain till yesterday when we went to the seaside to get our "fix" of seeing the sea before heading for home. Ah well we managed to get a walk along the prom at Tankerton past all the cute beach huts (I love 'em, he hates 'em) which was good. On a whim we decided to go to the Isle of Sheppey - just because it was there and it's somewhere we'd never be likely to go for any other reason. Well, we've been now and don't see the need ever to revisit......good bridge though.
We arrived home, chilled out for a while then went out for a rather delicious Chinese meal.

Today, of course, with our little holiday over, the sun has come out. Typical.

And this is just a glimpse of Hubby's birthday card. Mucho thanks to Jane for the inspiration - gleaned from her gorgeous card for the "In the Fold" dare this week.
Whilst I call the embellishment a rosette Hubby of course only said "You've made me a card with a flower on it" - so, fellow DCM girls - do you recall what I told you his reaction would be?

Told you so!


Janine said...

welcome back Kathy. Had a giggle at the comment about the Rosette vs the flower. I am guessing that you predicted he would say that? Lovely card by the way.

Rosie said...

Well, I love his card Kathy! Even if he was a bit AARRGGHHH about it!

BondGirl said...

Welcome Back, you missed out on a fair few crafty shops as I am from that way!

As for Sheppey - people tend to go there for a reason rather than on a whim cos there isnt much there! apart from a garden centre and a prison lol

Gillian Hamilton said...

Awww...bless his cotton socks Kathy!!!... had a lovely little chuckle...
It really is a super card, with a very dynamic combo of colours..

iralamija said...

love the colors! NICE~


Paula said...

Great card. I am having internet & email problems & my cold has developed further & my mojo is MIA!!!
Got an idea for a card but it won't "gel"!!!
It's raining here again & is all so grey & depressing. wish it was Friday so I could look forward to a duvet day!

Em said...

Glad you had a lovely time Kathy.

Am loving the card for hubby - the colours are gorgeous.


Keryn Campbell said...

Lovely to hear about your holiday. I still think the rosette on your card looks like a rosette. But it has proved one thing, you obviously know you DH a lot better than the rest of the DCM. Just as it should be.

Lynne.x said...

Welcome back Kathy.
DH's card is fab.

The concertina cards on my blog fit into a C6 envelope.