Friday, August 10, 2018

Through the Porthole

Yohoho and a bottle of rum.  I hope you're feeling better than I am this morning, Me Hearties!
I think its very unfair to come home from a lovely holiday and immediately fall foul to some very nasty flu-like thing, complete with aches everywhere, and sore ribs from the hacking cough and vicious sneezing fits.  
So yes, I am feeling sorry for myself and not really up to doing very much other than that!  It was a bit of a battle to sit down and make my card for the Daring Cardmakers this week, but I got there in the end, with this card for my lovely friend Shabneez's challenge

Shabneez said:
"I can't believe it's the second week of August already!  I've decided to keep with the summer theme and would love to see your NAUTICAL creations - anything to do with the sea really."
I had a quick look through my various nautically-inspired treasures, but my mojo was not to be found there. Then I remembered a pirate ship template I made years ago for cutting on the Silhouette.  I've used this one quite a few times since then, and it came to the rescue again now.
Making the pirate ship was the easy bit, and viewing it's sinister presence through a porthole amused me, but I wish I'd come up with a better plan for the rest of the card.

Die cut circle cut in Kraft paper and adhered to the white card blank.  Then a smaller circle die used to create an aperture through both layere.
I used a larger circle stencil to ink the 'sea' on the inside of the card and glued the pirate ship in place.
The ship is made using my own template and cut on the Silhouette machine.  It has three main layers, with pieces of cereal packet chipboard between them.  The sails are layered up on more chipboard so there is a lot of dimension in there.
I added silver gems to the porthole to look like the screws/rivets or whatever they are called.
The outer card looked too bare, but all I could think of doing was add some wavy ric-rac braid.  I don't like it, but even looking at it again while I write this I'm at a loss as to a better plan. {shrugs shoulders}

  The Design Team have made a wonderful variety of nautically inspired cards this week so I hope you'll pop over {HERE} and check them out.

Thank you for coming by today.  
Sorry for being such a Moaning Minnie!


Laine said...

Such cute die cut detail Kathy!

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

that is super cool, love the ric rac water. so clever!!

Sylvia Ames said...

Great card for a nautical theme. Love that pirate ship viewed through the porthole, the ric-rac waves are a great idea too. Hope you feel better soon.

Sylv xx

Angelnorth said...

That ships too cute to be sailing under the black flag, I reckon! I really like the ricrac water, don’t be too hard on yourself (cough affecting your judgement?!)

Kate M said...

Great nautical theme card - love the pirate ship and the ric rac waves, very neat!!

Kate M said...

PS hope you are feeling better soon xx

Karen Whittaker said...

Fab composition my lovely. Hope you feel better soon xx

Katie Lamb said...

Beautiful card

Andree said...

Don't put yourself down Kathy, this is a brilliant card! A fabulous idea to view the pirate ship through a porthole and truly inspired to use rik-rak for the waves.
Feel better soon xx

KarinsArtScrap said...

sweet and beautiful Kathy

Cathy Clowes said...

Stunning card Kathy. I love the ric rac! Hope you are feeling better today. Cathy x

Janet Packer said...

Your card turned out great - love the ship you designed and cut on your Silhouette.

Shabneez said...

A great card perfect for the challenge - sorry to hear you've been poorly Kathy. Hope you're recovering. Shabneez x