Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Prototype

Well, it's not often I write two blog posts on one day!
A while back I saw an idea for a box which lad space for some sort of little treat plus a space to hold a gift card.  We often give Gift Cards and vouchers as presents, but sometimes they seem a bit dull and "sterile".  I thought it was a lovely idea to idea to have a space for a little treat of some kind, be it sweets, nice soaps or some other little extra gift.
Now, I was sure I'd saved the link for the instructions somewhere in my Pinterest galleries, but it seems that I didn't - I probably went off on a tangent, following links )as you do) and then forgot where I started, and forgot the most important thing - saving that link.

Well, I'd already bought some treats to use in the box, so unless I wanted to eat them all myself, I had to figure something out.
 So despite having plenty of other things higher up the to-do list, guess what I've been making today.....a prototype box, with a cute little holder at the back for the gift card. 
This box was made specifically to hold these 3 Marks and Spencer choccies, as I'd already bought them.  A better way round would be to make the box and then find sweeties etc to fit! 
I thought I'd share the pictures of my prototype anyway.
The gift card fits in the holder at the back, I've wrapped a ribbon around it and added a little Pull tab so that it's easy to see that there's something else in the box.

What do you think?  Some feedback would be much appreciated :)


Angelnorth said...

I think it looks fab! The little pull tab i definitely a good idea - very easy to overlook a gift card if it's packaged with something, I reckon!

Kaz said...

What a clever idea Kathy! It looks fab although I'm shocked you didn't taste the chocs first!!! You know, just in case!!
I do the same thing wandering around on Pinterest xxx