Friday, September 23, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

I'm having one of those days when things won't go right - even my pc isn't playing nicely today. Or maybe its the network - I know that trying to do anything on tinterweb is either really really really slooooooooooow, or doesn't happen at all - I wonder what will happen when I try to publish this? 
Hubby says he'll reboot the network later and see if that solves it.
Today it's Jo's turn to set the challenge over on the Daring Cardmakers and she's sending us all off to look at those bright and colourful Dr Seuss books all kids (and adults) love:
"I loved reading Dr. Seuss books when I was little and my children love them now so this week, I would like to see Dr. Seuss inspired cards - whether they feature Green Eggs and Ham, The inhabitants of Whoville, The Cat in the Hat or are inspired by the colours, font or rhyming phrases, it will be brilliant to see what you make!"
As usual I didn't have a clue what to do for this one, so headed off to do a Google Image Search in the hope of finding inspiration.  Scrolling through the pictures that came up I saw a photo of a "Cat in the Hat" cake and as cakes seem to be a feature of my card-making just now I thought I'd stick with the theme and do some "baking"!
I used a simple version of the hat as a starting point and Paint Shop Pro to get the template I needed to cut this with Craft Robo. I rotated the image so that the brim would become a plate, then used the paintbrush tool to make the top stripe look more like icing on a cake.  I drew in some icing drips and some candles, and then converted my picture to a Robo template and cut the various sections
My card base is supposed to give a nod to the bright colours on the front of the books.  I used Distress Inks direct to the card blank - I actually (shock horror) did that post-it note masking technique that "real" stampers do - what do you reckon to that then? hehehe - Joanne (Angelnorth) will be sooooo surprised!
 I cut some really skinny lengths of black card to create the border and again suing the Craft Robo I cut the sentiment in black card also.  This font is one my lovely DCM teamie Sharon put us on to, a free one called,, conveniently Dr Seuss
A bit of Stickles for some glitz and that was it all done.

I hope you'll go over and visit the Daring Cardmakers today - the cards are just fantastic! 

It's taken me all day to get this far so I'm going to stop now and hopefully it will publish!
Thanks for looking, please leave a comment :-)


Kath said...

Oh that is SOOOOO good, Kathy. It is very much in the same style. Brilliant.

Kaz said...

Kathy this card is brilliant. I love the cake - cleverclogs!! And whoo you to masking! xxx

Angelnorth said...

Great fun, love the cakey hat (or hatty cake? hmmm!) and primary colours!

Janice said...

That's brilliant Kathy. Love what you have done.

Gez said...


I don't think it's your end Kathy. My PC has been on a go slow all day.. hopeless at times!

tracy said...

very clever kathy :)
i've never read any of those books!

Julia Dunnit said...

Love it Kathy - post it technique and all! How funny you are - 'real stampers'!! Am a big Seuss fan myself..will try to come up with something for this dare. Hope your pc woes are behind you after a re-boot!

Lythan said...

that is just so brilliant. Now I think you ought to make the actual cake!

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Fantastic - very clever to turn the hat into a cake and the bright colours create just the right feel - and masking as well, that's most impressive! Sx

Jo said...

Brilliant hat cake on a fantastic card :) and you are sooooo clever using proper stamping techniques (and everything!)