Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sundae Sunday

Quite a few of the Bubbly Funk Girls are away at a Crafting Retreat this weekend, so it was only right and proper that those of us who are left should make sure we have some fun too.
So we've been enjoying one of our "instant" mini crops, with paper-crafting, recipes,  some photo-prompts and even some RAKs from the lovely Caroline.
It's going to take ages to actually make all the things we've found videos and tutorials for over the last couple of days!
I thought I'd pop in and share a couple of the projects I found and made samples to show.
The first was a "Never Ending Card - which I'm planning to make again, but as a photo mosaic thingummy (when I get a Round Tuit, that is)
Anyway, here's how the card looks as it moves through the folding sequence.

Next is a cute little book, with pockets to add tags.  The basic book is made from a single sheet of 12x12, but because I never let things be easy for myself, I then decided to make a cover for it from a seperate piece of card.

I'm off now to play Mario Kart on the Wii while the dinner cooks!
Happy Crafting


Hazel said...

Super crafting, Kathy. Your never ending card is so bright and attractive. x

Caroline said...

Gorgeous Kathy - and thanks for all the inspiration!

Angelnorth said...

You've done really well over the weekend Kathy! Love the bright look of the never ending card and your mini book is really sweet!

Lynda said...

What can I say Kathy - Totally amazing!! and you have time for Mario Cart??? How do you do it!

Love Lynda xxx