Monday, May 17, 2010

Mixing It!

Here's more crafting resulting from the Bubbly Funk mini crop at the weekend.
Throughout the w/e we had a bit of fun with photo prompts set by Joanne.  There were 10 prompts altogether and it was fun trying to come up with ideas for the words she gave us.  I thought I'd share my set of photos here too

Word Prompt: STAMP
An exit stamp on leaving the Cook Islands
 Word Prompt: TEXTURE
Met this guy on the beach in Cayo Largo, Cuba last year - he's definitely got "texture"!
 Word Prompt:  APERTURE
A page from my current WIP mini book
Word Prompt:  YELLOW
Coldplay at Wembley last September doing the song "Yellow" complete with yellow lights and giant yellow balloons
 Word Prompt:  ENERGY
I went with the energy of the sun being blocked out in the 1999 total eclipse.  We went to France to make sure we saw it happen, this is one of hubby's photos
Word Prompt: DIVIDE
Here's a plan for dividing a sheet of 12 x 12 for making a maze book
 Word Prompt: HANDMADE
Thought I'd step away from the obvious paper-crafting for a minute and show one of four cot sets I've made for new arrivals to the family. Those teddies are all appliqu├ęd onto the white panels and then the whole thing assembled like a patchwork
 Word Prompt:  OPEN
I'll let you peek into my open drawers!
Word Prompt:  MIX
I only got this one done this morning - I mixed up ingredients to make a home-made version of glimmer sprays (anyone know how to de-gunge a misting bottle please? hehe)
 Word Prompt: END
Got to be a sunset for the end of the day.  This one is one of many photos I had to choose from - we seem to have an awful lot of sunset photos/  This one is from "our" garden on the beach at Troux au Biches in Mauritius
Another of Joanne's offerings at the weekend was a link for making a very cute puffy box.  The instructions used a CD for the template but I wanted something smaller so used the lid of a tin which was conveniently sitting on my desk!
 I glued two of the flaps shut and punched circles in the other one to allow easier opening of the box
Cardstock weight paper from sei "Juliette". A composite flower made from Primas and a little wired pink cherry blossom flower
I'll be back tomorrow with the instructions for making the gift card/cheque wallet thingummy!
I'll also be trying to catch up on all the bloghopping I've missed over the weekend ooops!
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Gez said...

STUNNING photos Kathy. I loved the mix you shared with us. :) Your box looks pretty fab too. Thanks for being part of a great weekend.xx

Hazel said...

Loved seeing all your photos and creations for the NR mini crop - very enjoyable - thanks for all your input x

Angelnorth said...

Great to see all the pics in one place, well done on coming up with something for all of them! Your little puffy box turned out beautifully, that cardstock looks great for the job!

Karen said...

WOW what a fabulous mix of pictures...well done Kathy!

Awe love your baby quilt! XXX