Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sew What

I had an early (for me) start this morning as I had to take the car to the garage for MOT and service by 8.30.  Normally at that time I'm still lingering over my toast and coffee and thinking about what I'm going to do with the day.   As a treat for being so good I bought one of those yummy Sicilian Lemon Muffins from Greggs as I walked home through town....what I want to know is why don't Greggs sell stotties in all their branches?  I think they should - it would mean I didn't have to buy half a dozen to stuff the freezer with when we're on the way back from Northumberland, or beg anyone coming this way to bring with them.  "Yes, of course you can stay - but can you pop in to Greggs and buy some stotties on your way?"   
There are loads of Northumbrians and their descendants living in our town. Apparently many came looking for work in the 1920s around the time of the Jarrow marches.  Not long after my family moved south my mum stood in the PO waiting to collect ehr Family Allowance, the man behind her recognised her accent and asked where she was from.  Turned out his family had once lived a couple of streets away from my Grandma.  Small world.

Anyway, I shall endeavour to put thoughts of a bacon stotty out of my head (difficult as my mouth is watering at the idea). now and concentrate on getting this blog done as I need to get Mr Robo started on cutting the bits for my DCM card or it won't be finished for tomorrow.

Today on Bubbly Scrumptious I've got a card to share.  It was only after I'd finished making it that I realised it would make quite a nice canvas or a wall hanging of some sort - which would have been lovely to hang in the spare room where my sewing cabinet lives.  Never mind, maybe I'll do the larger collage version another time.

You can find all the info on how it was made by clicking HERE 
Is it me, or do you think I'm having a bit of a Turquoise phase at the moment?  Scroll back through the recent posts and you'll see what I mean!  
Right, stop waffling Kathy, it's now 10.30 and you must get that card done!
Honestly, I can be soooo bossy sometimes.
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Caroline said...

Love the card Kathy and I do like how you've prepared the scene for your card photo.
Btw, whats a Stottie? lol

Karen said...

Brilliant card for a sewer Kathy! XXX

Scrappy~Sarah said...

fabulous card :)

Julia Dunnit said...

grat card Kathy, no idea about a stottie,but have to get lunch now, you've set me off!

Dolly said...

Love the turquoise phase Kathy. No idea what a slottie is either, you can tell I'm a southerner! Always wanted to go to Northumberland, I've got another reason now, a bacon slottie sounds lovely. :)x

CLARE said...

Love the faux stitching round the edge. Good bit of photography there, very nice

Hazel said...

I'm other southerner, who's not sure what stotties are. Love the card - yes, would look good as a wall hanging in a sewing room. x

Lynda said...

Not ever had a stottie here either sounds delish though! Loving your turquoise phase - a lovely colour to work with and the card is tres chic. Just love the thank you ones below too!

Love Lynda xxx

Lythan said...

I'll be seeing a Greggs in Middlesborough and will tell the stotties you miss them. (too big for me to eat!) And your turquise card is not only divine but its "bang on trend" as Gok would said. CHeck out the Pantone colour of the season here

Janice said...

I think that's the nicest project I've seen with that kit. I love it!

Angelnorth said...

Ah well, turquoise is the in colour this season, don't you know?! Great card with the kit, it looks fab. DH often pops down to the stotty shop to buy his lunch but I have the feeling they wouldn't post well ;)

lisa said...

My mouth is watering with all this talk of lemon muffins and stotties, Kathy!
I love your card, she looks like the ladies from the front of the old sewing patterns my Mum used to make, took me right back it did.