Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Last Christmas

I think this is the last lot of Christmas photos.  I guess that means I'll have to find new stuff to write about - maybe even make some new stuff - it's always a bit of a challenge to get back into the crafting after the holiday season, somehow I never know where to start when faced with a clean slate and no Christmas tasks!

I've started the New Year by changing to the new post editor on Blogger - so we'll see how that works out - I may well scuttle back to the old and familiar one quite quickly though!

Anyway here are a few Christmas pics
This is our tree on Christmas morning, complete with the stockings I made years ago and which are now looking a bit tired.  I wonder if I'll remember that and make new ones in time for Christmas 2010?

Next up is a close up of the parcels under the tree from the other side - if you look closely you can see some of the  decorations I made to pretty up the parcels

Christmas dinner in our family is just not complete without Yorkshire Puddings.  I always open the oven door with my fingers crossed and breathe a sigh of relief when they come out like they did this time - not bad, eh?

This is Happy Me when I found my wonderful iPod Touch in the last parcel Hubby gave me.  I just love it to bits!  I'm also "modelling" the gorgeous new pashmina that was in another package.  Spoiled? moi?

Ok, next up is the pizza-box style box I made to present niece Izzy's gift in - I'd much rather use a box for giving squishy, difficult to wrap gifts as they always look like a dog's breakfast just wrapped in paper, don't they?  This one was for a little Radley purse so worth concealing the contents for a little while longer.

Thanks to Gez for sharing the original instructions for this one during a cyber crop - I changed the measurements etc to fit the purse and it worked out pretty well.

Papers are lovely MME "Pretty Please" (I think)
Crikey, it's getting colder and colder, I think I might have to give the heating a boost in a minute.  I hope you're all managing to stay safe and warm today, I'm just hoping that the snow that so much of the UK is covered with at the moment stays away - we only got rid of the remnants of the pre-Christmas snow we had here last Wednesday.  I can do without the stuff. 
Yeah, yeah, call me a misery-guts if you like but I'd prefer just to see it on TV hehe
Right, I really do need to make a start on some craft stuff so I'm off.

Back soon


Sharon said...

now that's what I call a yorkshire pudding!

Your tree is gorgeous - it has photographed really well too - looks all twinkly.

Linda Elbourne said...

Aww Thank you for sharing your Chrimbo hun ... that box is divine ... is my Radley purse in a beautiful box in the post??? Is it???? huh??? is it???

Kaz said...

Love that box, I shall have to look up the instructions.
You really were spoilt and quite rightly too.

SueH said...

Wish my puds came out looking like that Kathy!

Love the little box and I bet Izzy love the contence of it too.


Lynda said...

Great Puds Kathy - Marky's the Pud master in our house! That box is gorgeous too - a fab box for an extra fab prezzy. I never know if I'm glad or sad to see the back of Christmas. I just know I'm struggling to get back into crafting mode!

Love Lynda xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor lovely puddings!! Do I need an Ipod touch then? And my, how clean and tidy your house is, are you superwoman? Am finally considering a bit of crafting for more than 20 mins this afternon...just waiting for my room to warm up a bit!

tracy said...

your tree is beautiful kathy :) your yorkshires look good too :) and that little box is define:)

Karen said...

WOW just look at those yorkshires!!!!!!!!! Its lovely to see these pics hon xxx

lisa said...

What gorgeous photos, I just love your tasteful, beautifully wrapped pressies. I think I need to come and take lessons from you.
Your Yorkshires look delicious, do you have them cold with sugar as well, or am I just strange!!!!
Your little box is beautiful.
Shall I send you some of our snow, we woke to about 5 inches this morning!!!
Happy Crafting


Janice said...

Great puds Kathy, good to see some of your cooking as I know you are very good at it.

Your gifts look lovely, both the ones you wrapped and the ones you received. That's a really good photo of you, you suit that red.

Hazel said...

Fabaroo box and those yorkshires look so yummy (I have to confess that we gave them a miss this year, but seeing yours has made my mouth water) x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful photos. Ove the gift box....and a stunning model :)

The first tree photo looks like one you would see in those house magazines iyswim :)

Mel X said...

Hiya chuck. happy new year. thanks for sharing these lovely pics. The tree looked gorgeous, fab looking deccy bits on the gifts - well done you. Love yorkshire puds, especially when they look like that lol.

take care

Mel X