Friday, January 08, 2010


....are the birthstone for the month of January and the first month of a new year is the right place to start off a new series of Dares on the Daring Cardmakers.  We're going to use the first dare of each month to feature the birthstone for that month - are you still with me?

Well, I know that today isn't actually the first Friday of this month, but we were still on our Christmas Break last week so this week is our first dare for this month so by default it's where we start this year long series of dares.

January's birthstone is the garnet - it was a shame I didn't go surfing the net for info until this morning really, or I might have been a bit more imaginative about my card.  I hadn't thought to check on origins, myths, meanings etc - I just focussed on the colour of the garnet in a ring I used to have - probably still do, but I know not where!  If you're interested in finding out a bit more there are loads of sites with info on birthstones, THIS is just one of those I found.

One of Hubby's aunts has her birthday this month so I made a card with her in mind:

There was going to be a little bird on this card but it all went a bit pear-shaped so the bird will have to go on another card at some point! Anyway, after a bit of silent swearing and clenching of fiststhis is what I came up with

Why don't I have much red stuff in my stash?
Having boxed up the Christmas stash and put it out of sight in the big cupboard on Monday, I had to get it out again on Wednesday when I went to make this card.

I drew some swirls with Glossy Accents and added Glamour Dust.
I painted, glittered and GA'd a piece of chipboard with a paisley design
The inner flower was two Prima hydrangeas made into one and the flower centre is cut from lovely velvet paper
The calendar is stamped (yes, I actually stamped it!) - it's one of the "Snag 'em" stamps
I used black stazon ink to colour the tiny swirly clip and a MS corner punch in the ....corner.

Please pop over to the DCM BLOG and see the other cards - you'll also get to meet our lovely January Guest Designer Caz and find a link to her fabulous blog.
I'm not sure about this new editing wotsit on Blogger - it seems fine on my own blog, but it was a right pain this morning on the DCM one and I can't seem to get the spacing right in that message.  I might have to go revert to the old one for DCM stuff.  I'd be interested to know how you're getting on with it if you've changed to the new editing window

Anyway, it's taken me most of the morning to do two blogs and that's time I really should have got more mileage from.  moan moan moan

Off now to try and do some stuff from the the "to do" list - which should be getting shorter but isn't
Catch up with you soon.

Oh, and by the way, if you get a message on your blogs with even more typos than usual, it's probably because I'm trying to catch up with you in odd minutes using my iPod Touch.  Well that's my excuse, anyway!


Lythan said...

Such a lovely elegant card Kathy. I look forward to seeing the bird too!!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely card Kathy - do you have any idea how pleased I am to read that it cause dyou some clenching of fists and a little swear? It means that you don't just churn out greatness and that gives me hope!

Caroline said...

oooooh gorgeously rich colours Kathy, lovely card...x

Rein said...

Gorgeous card kathy!

CLARE said...

Love the colours - I know what you mean about not having much red stash. i think I have a bit of ribbon but need to have a good root around. Like the idea of the swirls and glitter, and that stamp is very useful too

Karen said...

Beautiful rich colours Kathy! Like the addition of the paisley swirl too XXX

Kaz said...

Fab card Kathy. I had trouble with blogger spacing too today.


lisa said...

This is a lovely card Kathy. Garnet is a tricky colour, it's my birthstone and I'm never sure whether I like it not, I think I'd prefer Sapphire or Emerald. I must have more expensive taste!!!!
It looks gorgeous on your card though.
Good Luck with the IPOD touch, it's not an easy thing to type on!!
Stay Warm.


Angelnorth said...

Sorry, am I on the blog of Kathy B? I could have sworn I just read the phrase "I stamped..." so I can't believe I am :haha: Lovely card, I'm sure she'll love it!

Wipso said...

Pretty card Kathy.
A x

SueH said...

What a beautiful card Kathy.
Shame about the bird but I love the flower, it looks so elegant with the ribbon and chipboard.

I don’t know how to change over to the new editor, so haven’t used it and can’t comment on its performance, sorry.


Hazel said...

Lovely card - such rich colours (perhaps the lesson is to keep your Christmas stash available - you never know, you might make some C cards!) x

Lynda said...

This is a really pretty card Kathy and you've put so much work into it. Love the idea of splitting the hydrangea flowers too - will be trying that one at some point no doubt - why don't I think of things like that!

Love Lynda xxx

Linda Elbourne said...

Beautiful work Kathy ... as always X

Carol said...

that card is totally gorgeous kathy - I really love that dark colour!

I haven't seen that new editing window thing! perhaps I should look a bit harder - must say tho' the spacing is one that I get rather annoyed about!!

Hope you're staying warm and cozy xx

Enfys said...

I love this rich red, fab card. definitely going to have a go at DCM this week,
big hugs
En xxx

Traceyr said...

Very rich and velvety Kathy brilliant. :)

Creative Treasures said...

Beautiful rich card Kathy, i love those swirls.


Chrissie said...

Simply beautiful Kathy!

Mel X said...

Great card Kathy and interesting challenge, got me thinking !! (Dangerous - oh yes!!) Gonna try and join in abit more with DCM this year.

Mel X