Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WOYWW, Templates, Tree and a Snow Moan

Oh Poor Neglected Little Blog!

Well we've still got loads of snow here, it snowed again on Monday evening - it all looks very pretty but I'm bored with it now and I'd like it to please go away. At least from the roads and paths, the rest can stay if it likes, hehe.

The last couple of days it's been like living in Black and White around here - hardly any colour to be seen at all - the lovely clear blue skies we had up till yesterday have faded to grey - it's quite ethereal really.

Last week I showed the first couple of cards made with the December set of Crafty Templates, it's been a bit hectic since then so I've not had time to blog my other card. This one is made using the template set of Quirky Flowers.

I think these flowers are so much fun and I'm thinking that they'll be great to use on Thank you cards as well as fir "any occasion" cards as I've done here.
The papers are all from the Crafty Goodies Kit, the ribbon also came in one of Leo's past kits. All I added was the gems and the Stickles

It's Wednesday aka WOYW fay so here's how my workmess looks right now

And finally, I thought I'd add a photo of our tree - to show that we did actually finish dressing it - just in case you were wondering whether it got past the last photo of it that I showed on here!

I guess that few of us have much time for blogging right now. I hope that if you're "under snow" atm that you're managing to keep warm and safe.
Hope to catch up with everyone soon


Traceyr said...

Your tree looks gorgeous Kathy. Love the look on the card too.

Have a happy Christmas and yes the snow can go now please. :)

Karen said...

oooops!!! I forgot it was wednesday!!! Lovely to see your desk again, hope you are not overdoing it today X

WOW I love your tree Kathy!!! It looks perfect in that gorgeous room. Have a lovely Christmas XXX

Janice said...

Thanks for showing the finished tree, well worth it. I'm with you on the snow thing - I've had enough of it too. Those flowers are unusual, I thought it was a glass of champagne, I know you are fond of one of those lol!

Hazel said...

The tree is gorgeous, Kathy. Love your workdesk today - busy enough, messy enough - not too much though. Those quirky flowers are different - like them x

Susie Sugar said...

Hi Kathy I've come to your desk first this week as I didn't get over last week (Well I did look at your stunning desk photos last week but got side tracked by my boys and didnt get a chance to leave a comment but your indepth photos were great)
This week I love your little book and your desk looks as great as ever, and wow what a smashing tree!!! Thanks for sharing that its a lovely photo.
And what a lovely way to end your post with wishes of warmth and safety that really touched me
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and Santa fills your stocking with loads of new punches !!
god bless you xx
Hugs Susie xx

Angelnorth said...

Fun quirky flowers, card looks fab! Nice to see your tree got its two halves reunited!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, your desk is an inspiration as usual..I have to hand it to you, I think the templates are ,lovely, but would probably have stumped me!
Hope your whole Christmas is as gorgeous as your tree!

SueH said...

I love visiting your work space Kathy, it always looks so productive.
May be soon Lythan and I can visit it again….in person!

With all the snow around at the moment your little album is very topical. I love the photos, especially the snowman one.

Your tree looks great too....I was wondering if you ever did finish putting it up.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.