Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wow, it's WOYWW again already!

I remember bit quicker today about it being Wednesday and therefore WOYWW day, so have actually taken my photo on the right day.
Wednesday morning is usually when I write up my project for tomorrow's Bubbly Scrumptious. I try to get it done as quickly as I can so that I can get back to my craft desk, but sometimes it takes me longer and I don't get to craft at all. Today, I'm taking a quick break from the project writing (I'm nearly finished, anyway) to do a blog post.

Anyway that's a long-winded way of saying that what you see on my desk is how I left it yesterday. I've sneakily dumped a piece of red tissue paper over the last thing I was working on, but the bits and pieces I'm using are there. If you look between the rubbish pot and the glue pot you'll see a sneak peek of the other standing photo album I'm busy with too - just got the covers to do and it'll be ready to show.

I think it was Tracey who spotted the Glossy Accents in the rubbish pot - well, I don't actually use a whole pot every week, and I do empty the rubbish every few days - the GA bottle just tends to live in there because it's a convenient place to up-end it in the hope that it won't clog up. Sometimes it can be found in the pot of bulldog clips which is also always at hand.

I thought I'd add a second photo and open the drawer which is so full of just little scraps of ribbon and lace that I have to force it shut. The idea is that if it's near to hand I'm more likely to check the scraps before I cut into the longer lengths of ribbon. Sometimes it even works.
If you popped by last week you'll have seen that I was very proud of my newly tidied desk. as you can see, that didn't last long and it's all back to a more normal state this week.

Well.... I've got a lot on atm and keeping tidy is just not on the to-do list!

As some of those lovely people who left a comment yesterday said they liked seeing sneak peeks I thought I'd taunt/tempt you with another one! Can you hear my evil chortles yet?
Right, back to that other task. Or maybe I'll have some lunch first....

Catch you soon


Wipso said...

Your crafting space always looks so busy. Everything is so organised and to hand. Just fab. A x

Linda Elbourne said...

I want that dangly bell charmy thingy wotsit on your sneaky peek ... beautiful ... clearly your desk is being well used at the moment ... no shame in that hun X

Janice said...

Love that sneaky peek with the little bell, can't wait to see it.

Caroline said...

Love that sneaky peek Kathy.....x
My desk is a mega mess and I might just have to take a photo for the WOYWW, it might shame me into tidying it up. Actually I really need to tidy, but I'll take a photo first.

Karen said...

OMG Kathy...I got my kit today & that sneaky peak looks the business I can tell you!!!!

Oh bum!!! no matter how untidy you say your desk is it always looks organised chaos!!! XXX

Susie Sugar said...

Oh you little temptress you !!! all those punches you have on view this week !!lol
And I just love that pink pompom trim in your ribbon draw and the green spotted flowers up above I am off to put them on my wish list from Santa !!! he he
See you next week
Hugs Susie xx

Kaz said...

Does that word on the sneak peak say SEX???

I love your desk Kathy, every week I envy your stash.

Love the 'sometimes it works' I have drawers like that.

By the way, that lace in the drawer? It's like the one I got in my secret santa. The trouble is Janice had some the same on her blog yesterday.


Julia Dunnit said...

Top tip: stop saying 'yes' and then you won't be at the 9th december making things for other people to give away! Agggggh! You're so nice!! Desk, as usual, is fascinating and lovely...I think my working circle would match yours if I got a chance to sit at your desk - where you've got stuff makes sense to me!

Angelnorth said...

I can tell you with some degree of confidence that having "keep it tidy" on your to-do list makes not a jot of difference to the ultimate state of your desk :haha: Nice to see it looking lived in once again and your sneak peek looks intriguing!

Lynda said...

There's some eagle eyes out there Kathy spotting all your lovely stuff! I tried to see what was under the red tissue but you did too good a job of covering it up. You're being a right tease lately!!
BTW does it say 'SEX' lol

Love Lynda xxx

Traceyr said...

oooo Kathy what a tempting peek you are showing us and it has bells on it too. hahaha :)

Sam said...

I love this desk of yours - it is such a feast for the eyes!! I like those stackable see-through pots that you have - I must get some - perhaps it will help me use up stuff because I can actually see it! ;-)

tracy said...

i'm amazed that you can create such works of art on such a small space kathy!! and i have to say i'm a bit worried about your speak (whats the next letter) LOL

SueH said...

Kathy, I’ve tried the ribbon off cut’s storing thing but it didn’t work for me. I’ve just ended up with an even bigger box full to over flowing, that I very rarely look in. I really must try harder to use some of it.

I love seeing your sneak peeks too, it’s always such fun trying to work out what they could be and I’m also with you on the no time to tidy the desk front. What’s the point of spending hours (well that’s what it takes me) putting it away when it’s all back out again in under half an hour……’s too short!