Friday, December 11, 2009

My Hero

Ohhhh I had a couple of hours panic this morning when I switched on the pc and nothing happened!

Hubby's working from home and we were already talking new pc options - but he sneaked a few minutes away from his work to see if he could see what the problem was.
Bless his cotton socks!
What he found was a bit of memory he'd put in just because it was lying around had decided to break itself and then stop everything else working too. Once he'd taken it out, lo and behold a little pre-Christmas miracle happened and all started working again. I tell you, it was a big "PHEW!" moment. I'll be making the coffees all day today instead of us taking turns!

So anyway, I'm now rushing to catch up on the stuff I usually do on Friday mornings so this is a real quickie!

As usual it's DCM day and today it's Vanessa 's turn and she appears to be fed up with all the Christmas stuff - she wants no sign of Christmas or Winter on our cards this week - and she's gone a bit dotty too!
I thought we'd have a little break from all things Christmassy. So, for one week only over this festive period, we're having a no-Christmas and no-Winter zone! Its polka-dot week! Lets bring some warmth to our cards with polka dots, but I don't mean spots or dots in a variety of sizes, it has to be specifically polka-dots (i.e. a pattern of dots of equal size, equally spaced). However, you can have whatever colour(s) you choose as long as your card doesn't look cold and wintry!!
It's amazing how many polka dot bits and pieces I found in my stash - papers, buttons, ribbons and flowers - most of course not matching each other.

I've made another scrapling card - I really do like these little things they are such fun to make.
Both the polka dot papers I've used here are actually velvet papers which I'm hoping qualifies them for the "warmth" factor as the feel lovely. I didn't actually read the dare properly till after I'd made this so I'm clutching at straws a bit here. Mind you I wasn't the only one! lol

Polka dot flower and ribbon are from my stash. I didn't have a button to match so I dotted a plain one with liquid pearls - I know it's not perfect, but you can't have it all!

Right, got to get on with the next project!
Please don't forget to check the DCM BLOG today for some more hot dotty!
Thanks for looking


Lythan said...

Just as well your DH doesn't have the "no I will not fix your computer" t shirt that my son likes to wear! that is such a cute card Kathy - I love it!

Janice said...

Quite a difficult challenge, but your card is great, looks very 'warm' and completely dotty!

Linda Elbourne said...

What would we have down without you??? Great work hubby! Lovely card as always .... here's hoping you have a nice relaxing afternoon!

Paula said...

My computer broke a couple of weeks back. Never came back on either :-( Cute card :-)

Angelnorth said...

Cute scrapling card, love the combo of dots!

Paula said...

fab card Kathy x

Lynda said...

You've definitely got the scrapling bug! Love how you managed to cram in so many dots - it's gorgeous!

Love Lynda xxx

Wipso said...

Fab card kathy. So glad your computer is back up and running. It's like someone has chopped off you right hand isn't it then the gremlins move into your computer? I'm off to blog now cos I'm celebrating :-)
A x

Rein said...

Beautiful scrapling card Kathy!

Anice said...

Thank goodness for other 'techie' halves! I know I thank my lucky stars for mine everyday. Love the colours of your card..I must make time to join in with DCM again..I miss it.
Anice xx

**Farrah** said...

Hi Kathy!
I hope you don't mind, I had a question regarding Daring Cardmakers. I thought you'd be the person to ask.I love the challenges, so much fun. I was wondering if prizes are given?
You do amazing work!!! Absolutely LOVE your maze book. I should be on display somewhere!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

great card :)

SueH said...

I pleased that the computer is well again Kathy, I can just imagine the panic you much have been in when you turned it on and nothing happened.

Love your card…..really pretty colours and very ingenious to add the spots to the button.


Vanessa said...

Ooh, Kathy - computers not turning on or crashing make me very nervous because I do not back up as much as I should!! But at least I'm the computer fixer in our house - or should I say the "no I will not fix your laptop" t-shirt wearer in our house!! haha

Glad you're sorted and I love your card - lush colours.:)

Hazel said...

Lovely dotty card - good idea to improvise with the dots on the button. x

lisa said...

Gorgeous card, Kathy. I LOVE all the polka dots.
Aren't Hubbies wonderful when they mend the 'puters!!!!!! Glad it wasn't anything serious.
Have a great week.


Traceyr said...

Love your dottiness Kathy. :)