Monday, September 28, 2009

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

woa oh oh oh oh...

Well, I'm still coughing and snivelling and feeling generally rubbish, but I'm sure it'll go away eventually - maybe next Spring when the weather starts warming up again....

We went to Hubby's aunt and uncle's Rube Wedding get-together on Saturday afternoon. Just for once we weren't the ones doing the horrible travelling to get there as they live fairly close to us - those making the journey from further north found themselves sitting in a long queue on the A1 as there was a nasty accident just ahead of them, and those coming via the M25 found that their journeys also took much longer than expected. The caterers spent the whole afternoon bringing food out and putting it back in the fridge as different groups of travellers arrived! Poor Sue was getting agitated as her carefully timed plans were destroyed. I just sat in the corner and coughed a lot.

I was chuffed to see the card I made was carefully sat right at the front of the table, and it was so lovely that people made a point of coming to say how they liked it - I'm never confident that what I make is good enough - even the things I'm pretty pleased with I worry about, so it's really nice when people take the trouble to say something nice about them - I would imagine that most card makers/crafters feel the same.

I had a ball making this card. I really wanted to keep with the Shabby Chic style we were playing with on the Daring Cardmakers the other week, so knew I'd be needing to make a box too.
I think I've only got two sets of 7 Gypsies papers, one I'm not keen on, but this set I love. The colours and designs are so gorgeous and they were perfect for a Ruby Anniversary card. I'm not a great fan of bright red but I love dark reds, burgundies etc - this could be because I find them much easier to work with than the bright red shades!

Supplies: Cream card blank, Bazzill dark red card, 7 Gypsies paper pad, Cream lace shot with gold thread, Nesties "Labels 2" die set. Prima cream flowers, dark red wired roses, coiled flowers made from matching papers and some gold foil papers, Cream organza ribbon, tiny rd gems from Anitas Gem Wheel.

I always get in a faff when I make boxes - basically, they are dead easy to make but I get in a pickle because I'm never happy just to leave them plain or even to use regular scrapbooking paper to cover them with. Oh No! I want to cover my boxes with that lovely thick handmade paper, (I think it's called Lokta or something like that) - it looks and feels lovely and it also adds a lot of strength to the box. But it's very thick and my problems come when I try to work out what I need to do to allow for that and still have the lid fit the box. Without fail there will be at least one useless bit of a box and a nice big stack of card bits that didn't even get that far!
It could be because I'm soooo rubbish at maths, but it might have helped if I'd ever written down the sizes of the card I need to cut, and exactly where to make the folds. I mean, I've made LOADS of these darned things and they are pretty much always to fit the same size card.

Did I write everything down this time then?
What do you think? lol
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Karen said...

Oh Kathy...your work is always so beautiful honey but I guess we are all far too critical of our work X

This is just REALLY beautiful...I love that paper & feel a NEED for them :)

I use a score board to measure my boxes so I think you are brave to make up your own measurements , hope you start to feel better soon XXX

Kaz said...

Ha ha Kathy, I'm not saying anything!!

I think the card and box are stunning, no wonder people came to tell you so. I understand what you mean though, especially when you do DT work for others!

Janice said...

I can't believe you don't know that your cards are brilliant. You are a constant inspiration and those flowers that you make are stunning.

Now repeat after me "I make beautiful cards, I make beautiful cards" lol!

tracy said...

your cards are beautiful kathy :)
and this one is no different :)

Gez said...

Stunning Kathy. I have always admired you work from the day I first saw it. :-) You are most definately a wonderful inspiration to us all. Your box looks fabby too. Gez.xx

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic card, I'm not surprised it had pride of place! Great box too, I'm surprised you didn't blog your neatly written measurements list for it, though ;o)

Traceyr said...

Beautiful card and stunning box too. No write down the measurements before you forget for next time.

ps Love the post title and yes I was singing along. lol


Lynda said...

Absolutely stunning Kathy - those paper flowers are gorgeous. Love your shabby chic style too - it's quite addictive isn't it?

Love Lynda xxx

REDLAN said...

So beautiful. I like the flowers you made. so creative!

Get well soon!

Hazel said...

How do you manage to turn out such stunning crafting again and again? Super talent! Hope you're both feeling better soon x