Saturday, September 19, 2009

Excited, Moi? (Updated)

Last night we went to see Coldplay at Wembley.

We got some TicketMaster vouchers last Christmas and used them to book our tickets - so we've been looking forward to this for a LONG time!

First photo was taken while there was still some daylight, so about 7.30, the crowd in the front half of the arena was already pretty stuffed in

Suitable lighting and giant balloons to accompany the song "Yellow"

Slightly closer view of the stage -we were about as high up as you can get so the people were all pretty teeny! - bat you can actually see the band on here.

Lovers in Japan: complete with lots of pink cherry blossom effects - load and loads of glittery stuff and if you look closely there's a little arrow pointing to Chris Martin dancing through the glitter along the pier twirling a red parasol

Pictures are all click-on-able!

We don't have a proper video camera but hubby took a few mini vids with our baby Canon, I can't work out how to direct link to you-tube to get the video on to here, and I tried uploading via the "add Video" button and three hours later it was still saying "uploading" so I think it wasn't working - so if you'd like to look, then follow this LINK to our little video (Sorry it gets cut off a bit sharply!) - I think you'll be able to tell how close to the top of the stadium we were! Coldplay were FANTASTIC - every bit as good as I was hoping they'd be, and I'm still living in a happy little Coldplay bubble today!

Update! Managed to embed the youtube video into here eventually


Rosie (Freycob) said...

I love Coldplay Kathy. You are both VERY luck indeed!


Wipso said...

Fab. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing it. A x

Lynda said...

OMG Kathy - how many people does that stadium hold - it's ginormous - and how high were you!! Great video - thanks for sharing it.

Love Lynda xxx

Traceyr said...

You lucky lucky woman. I am very jealous.

Thanks for the video.

Hope your bubble stays with you for weeks to come. :)

Karen said...


Gez said...

WOW! Kathy awesome shots.xx