Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh We Do Love to be Beside the Seaside

I've so much on my "Crafty to-do" list that I don't know whether I'm coming or going - I certainly don't know where to start - everything seems to be needed by yesterday. You know the feeling, I'm sure.

Sometimes my Hubby calls me "Kathy Half-Jobs", because I have times when I've made a start on so many things (not just craft stuff) and managed to finish none of them. I think it's because they're all important and I can't decide which should be at the top of the list! I do get there in the end though.

This week on the Daring Cardmakers we're heading to the seaside. Actually I wish I really was heading there, I could use a breath of fresh seaside air atm!

The cards the girls have made are lovely and all so different. It's such a great starting point as there are so many ways to run with the Seaside theme.
Down by the Sea

Over on this side of the world we're coming to the end of the Summer, and on Keryn's side they'll soon be dusting off their buckets, spades and sun-hats.
We don't just enjoy being by the sea in the Summer, it doesn't matter what the season is, the seaside is a great place to be, so this week we'd love you to make cards with any sort of seaside theme.
After a bit of thinking time I realised that there was only one way for me to go. It just had to be beach huts!
One of my favourite days out is to head over to Southwold and have a walk along the prom. It's very wide, and lined with an ice-cream sundae of beautiful beach huts. Every so often one comes up for sale and they cost an absolute fortune!
I think they are fab!
I actually made this Robo template a while back to make my set of houses for a swap, but now it's made a row of beach huts for my card, I couldn't resist photographing it alongside something from my beach hut themed collection!
I sliced a few cms off the long side of a DL card so that the roofs of the huts would stand out above the fold, then cut them in layers of plain card and in the patterned papers. The wording is my own - at least I think it is, but you never really know if it's something you heard and filed away in deepest recesses of your mind, do you?
My greatest regret on this card is that I didn't stop myself adding the black doodling on the beach huts. Why oh why can't I leave well alone?

Supplies: Buttons, beads and papers from stash - no idea who made any of them, sorry

Please visit the DCM BLOG and see the other seaside cards - they are all so lovely - we hope there'll be lots more to see around the Darer's blogs over the coming week (that's a hint for you to join in with us!)

Oh go on then, since you asked so nicely ;) here's another picture of some Southwold beach huts!

Thanks for popping by
Right, now where's that to-do list?


tracy said...

love it kathy :) i think the black doodling looks fine,great photots too :)

Hazel said...

I haven't been to Southwold for years, but have lovely memories of walks by the sea - and the beach huts, of course. I love your card - and the doodling looks just right on the huts x

Karen said...

Awe...these are so cute!!! I am lucky enough to have one of the little house you made with this shape!!!

BTW the words are from a Beatles song and goes on afterwards with something about an octopusses garden by the sea I think XXX

Wipso said...

Really love your ideas. Think the doodling looks just perfect on them too. Think a day sat outside one of them would just be a perfect end to yet another really busy week for me. Like you, I am surrounded by lots of people who want their sewing done yesterday :-) A x

CLARE said...

What a lovely cheerful card. Great photos of the beach huts too

Lythan said...

I love Southwold too and I think this card is amazing! (You can never have too many doodles!)

Lynda said...

I love this Kathy - the beach huts are just the cutest and Southwold looks a lovely place to visit. The doodling looks great too!

Love Lynda xxx

Kaz said...

Well as you know I'm a fan of doodling and I think yours looks fab, so worry not!
Love the card and love the beachhuts too.

Janice said...

Gorgeous card Kathy.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh don't beat yourself up about a bit of doodling! It looks great! I have a think for beach huts and seasides. I'm trying to convince my family that I can only get over it by moving tothe seaside. They don't buy it.

Maria Matter said...

oh, this is too perfect Kathy!!!
Soo adorable!
have a super day!
blessings, Maria

Angelnorth said...

Lots of lovely stuff on your blog while I've been en vacance! Love these beach huts and the sunflower card especailly - they're both so happy looking!

Vanessa said...

Haha - I have to laugh, my hubby calls me Vanessa-half-a-job!! No matter what I'm doing, I get sidetracked and start something else. :)

Beautiful work and photos Kathy. :) Those huts are just fab!


SueH said...

That’s one amazing card Kathy, and soooooo colourful!!

I really do love all those little houses and they capture the essence of the photo perfectly. I can see what you fell in love with it there.