Monday, January 05, 2009

Snow Joke Monday

Well, everything should have gone back to normal today. Visitors all gone, Hubby back to work, Christmas Tree and decs down and back in their boxes, homes for pressies gradually being found - but what do we wake up to?

SNOW, that's what!

So rather than hubby get in the car and drive to work we went back to bed and had another hour's kip. lol.
Which was good because the alarm going off at 6.40 was a bit of a shock when we've not been waking till 9.30 at the earliest for the last week or so (ooooh aren't we naughty?), fortunately our visitors also came down with sleeping sickness!

Anyway, eventually Hubby decided that he'd go in by train rather than face the roads on "first-day-back! day, it always seems that those people with Stupid-Driver tendencies forget what little road sense they had over the Christmas holidays, doesn't it? Best leave them to it for a day or so, especially if there's the added fun of snow and ice about.

Once it was light enough to see I braved the Great Outdoors (well, only as far as our garden tbh) and took a few pics
Back in a minute with some crafty stuff!

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Hazel said...

Nice crafty catch up, Kathhy and great snowy photos. Happy New Year. x