Thursday, January 29, 2009

Calling at the Inspiration Station - part 2

So it's my turn again to put a project onto the Bubbly Funk Shop's very own emag/blog - aka Bubbly Scrumptious

This week it's the second part of my "Inspiration Station" wallet project. Last week I showed how to make the basic wallet from the big paper bags that arrived in the January Bubbly Funk kit, and this week I'm showing what I did to make my wallet work as a place to store crafty cuttings, ideas and also a place to turn to when the creative mojo has gone for a hike.

To make it easy for you, click HERE to go directly to Bubbly Scrumptious - and don't miss all the other Girl's fab work while you're there!

1 comment:

Beckie Dreyer said...

What a great idea kathy! Also love your EF journal. I want to do this too but am even further behind than you!