Friday, January 16, 2009

Companiable Card Dare and Crafty Templates 1

Daring Cardmakers Day today and Jo made us all gulp when we ssaw what she'd come up with this time:
This week starts nice and easy...

Any card, any theme and any colour scheme of your choosing - but the catch... some one else must actually make and assemble the card for you... (with your supervision)!

Friends, relatives, or if there is no one close to hand, why not send instructions via email.

The Daring Cardmakers have had loads of fun getting someone else to make their cards for this dare. Have a good week and I can't wait to see what amazing cards you all come up with.

hmmmm. My plan was to get hubby to make my card while I sat and directed proceedings, but what with one thing and another time was running out. Seeing the face he pulled when I mentioned this at the weekend I'm not entirely convinced some of those "got to do" tasks weren't somewhat engineered, but he's been great helping out with things since my finger has been out of action - he's even had to wash my hair!
So I came up with a Plan B which was to write up instructions for making a card and ask a fellow crafter to use them to make it. As by now I was running out of week I needed someone who wasn't just a fab crafter, but a speedy one too - not to mention one who'd be up for a challenge!
The name that immediately sprang to mind was Lisa, I'm always blown away not only by the wonderful cards, LOs etc that she makes, but also by the number of these projects that she manages - all combined with raising a family and running her own business - honestly, she makes me feel a right lazy wotsit!

I think she was too intrigued by my request for help to say no, but would hazard a guess that she wished she'd had more sense when my lengthy instructions arrived in her inbox!
Still, Lisa didn't try to wriggle out of it, she put her head down, worked out what the card would end up looking like and sat down to make it. Here's the fab card she made:
The first thing I'd done was to make a card of my own so that I could then write instructions on how to make it. Then while my poor guinnea pig was stressing about what she'd let herself in for, I made a layout sketch just in case my instructions were just too confusing - you know what they say about a picture telling a thousand words!
I sent the sketch over to Lisa, but she didn't need it and only looked afterwards - how clever is she?
A huge Thank You to Lisa, the fabulously talented Scrappy Fairy herself. You got me out of a tricky spot and really came up with a fab card in super-fast time. I really hope you enjoyed taking part and didn't find the whole thing too much of an ordeal!

This is the original card that I made to use for the instructions, the sketch will appear on the KathysWaffle Sketch File blog soon so that anyone else who'd like to have a go at it can!
We've got Swappers, friends, partners, neighbours and offspring making our cards this week so do head over to the DCM and see the results - we'd absolutely love you to have a go at Jo's great challenge - so grab yourself a helpmate and join in the fun!

I've been trying to catch up with my cards for Leo's latest release of Crafty Templates over the last few days. This month's templates have shaped cards and motif templates with a lovely romantic feel. Leo's also put together one of her Gorgeous Goodies packs to match the templates perfectly - check HERE for all the info
For my first card I've layered up some of the shape templates, along with some things from the goodies pack to make the main focus of the card. The papers, card and some of the ribbons also come in the pack.

Back tomorrow with more of my Crafty Templates cards.

Don't forget to have a go at the DCM this week - it'll be fun, honestly! lol


Karen said...

What a very tricky dare!!!! But you have been done proud hon X

Love the volours and patterns in Leos kit too X

Hazel said...

What a scary dare this week! - but Lisa certainly rose to the challenge - great cards from both of you. x

kathj said...

beautiful cards, great colours.

Lythan said...

What lovely cards. I do like the cut out flower in "Your" version Kathy. But they are all super cute!

Susan (Sue H) said...

What a star Lisa is Kathy and what fabby cards you’ve both made.

It’s amazing what you can do with just instructions and no template to work from!

Angelnorth said...

Good idea to rope in an experienced crafter! My DH likes my stuff and encourages me to be creative but I can't see him being up for this either (and it might come to blows if we tried!). Both your original and Lisa's interpretation look fab and your romantic card is lovely, too!

Suzie said...

Fab cards, all of them!

Rein said...

These are beautiful!

CraftyCarol said...

Great idea and both cards are great!

Gez said...

Both super cards. Lovely colours. Looking forward to the sketch too Kathy. Thank You.

My DH's face was a picture when I asked for a re-think. hehe!

Anonymous said...

inspirational as always - just love your cards.