Monday, April 07, 2008

What a Bind (it All)

Well, here it is; my completed first effort with my new Bind it All.

I used several of the papers from the new BG Boxer paper pad and loads of ribbon from Ribbon Oasis. The blossom, bits of chipboard, brads etc were form my stash and the letter "K" is Robo-cut.

This weekend I've also been playing with a few little stamps I've acquired lately. Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I don't stamp. However as I'm still trying to practise leaving white space without having a panic attack and the stamps I've been buying are those cute dinky little ones I decided that the two scary things went together quite nicely. However, today I've used some of said stamps to make my DCM card for Friday (yes, I know it's early - its a shock to me to have it ready so soon, I can tell you!), so now I can't put the weekend's cards on my blog, can I?
shot myself in the foot there then as I now have only my book left to show until I go and make something else!
Oh well, never mind. I'll show a couple more photos from Northumberland to fill some space....

These are both taken by hubby on Bamburgh beach. That's not snow on the water, but froth whipped up by the wind. Just before this second one was taken he'd been lying down in the sand dunes taking shelter from a snow and hail storm, my Aunt and I had (wisely) stayed in the car and saw the storm completely obliterating Lindisfarne castle then gradually coming towards us. Half an hour later it was gone the sky was blue and we could even feel the heat of the sun.
We had some crazy weather that weekend!

All for now
Thanks for looking - and for all your lovely messagesxxx


Angelnorth said...

Oooh, you want to watch out buying stamps, you'll be hooked before you know it! The book looks fab, you're keeping it then? ;o)

Sally Dawkins said...

ooooooooooooh i am loving your BIA book Kathy, very nice and bold, Love it xxxxxx

Sally Dawkins said...

Loving the BIA book Kathy very bold and bright, just my style too, a girl after my own heart xxxx

Janice said...

Wow! Great shot of Bamburgh Castle. We stayed in a cottage near there one year in the first week in December, it was great.

Your BIA book is lovely - I knew it would be!

Kaz said...

Gorgeous book Kathy. Is it for me? It has my initial on it?!!!

traceyR said...

Great book Kathy and tell your husband the photos are lovely. :)

Jackie said...

love the book.

Yes, I'm still using scraps off my desk.........if you are really good, I'll post a couple of desk piccies tomorrow ;)

Thanks for the comments. You never cease to make me smile. LOL

Hazel said...

The BIA is fun, isn't it? Love the book - give it pride of place on your desk.

Em said...

What a clever clogs you are!!!

Loving the book, the colours are just gorgeous!

SUE said...

ooo and another one hooked

great book Kathy its a nifty machine isn't it?

Anice said...

Oh I have really got to get my bind it all out of the box! I bought it months ago and it's still in there! You've inspired me to make an effort with your wonderful creation..thanks.
Anice xx