Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Flowers and Sneak Peeks!

A new cricle journal has just strated over at the Bumbleberry Cafe. In comparison with the mammoth one that finished a couple of months ago this one is a just a minnow.
Not only is it small in the size of the circle, but its small in page size too with a maximum allowance of about 6x6 for the books to be.
Mine is quite a bit smaller than that! I usually make my own books for CJs, but I was browsing the Bubbly Funk shop a few weeks back and saw these totally delicious mini blackboard books and thought they'd be perfect.

The covers are only 12 x 8.5cms and the pages a bit smaller

I've chosen "Funky Flowers" as the theme for my book and I'm hoping that everyone will enjoy making their pages and that in the end I'll have a little book to treasure. The instructions were sinple:

Welcome to my Little Book of Flowers

I’d love you to make a fun and funky double page LO on the theme of Funky Flowers - as long as it’s fun and flowery, then that’s fine by me!

Please decorate and sign in using on one of the chipboard flowers then attach it between your pages.

Thank you for being part of my Circle Journal

I couldn't decide which papers to use to start off my book, so in the end I used 3Bugs on the outside covers, then sei on the opening page, and I couldn't resist a bit Crate's "Twirl" to add an extra little LO. Which is probably the reason I was rushing up to the post box at the last minute on Friday afternoon to make sure it got into the last collection! Its with Hazel now, and I hope she enjoys playing with flowers as much as I do

Today I've done my pages for another CJ, but I'll save that for another day.
Now I can share some sneak peeks at the May Bubbly Funk kit - which is soooooo gorgeous and fun that you'd be mad to miss out when advance subscriptions go on sale during the next couple of days. I had a blast working with this kit and I'm sure it's going to be loved by all those who get their sticky mitts on it.
Here are just a couple of sneakie peeks, I'll show some more tomorrow - you know how it is, when you've got stuff to share, you've got to make the most of it!
Plus, I'm a Rotten Meanie.


Angelnorth said...

The CJ looks great fun Kathy, lots of lovely detail in a small space! Great sneak peeks, too - the bright colours look fab!

Janice said...

Love your journal, it's so little and cute. Lovely theme too, flowers are my favourite too. Also exciting sneaky peek - I have mine on pre-order hee hee.

Marlou said...

Kathy , this is amazing!!!! excellent excellent work, just love it !!! :) xx

Marlou said...

ps only me again, got your invite, I haven't a clue about bebo, what do I do????

Karen said...

What a dear little cj Kathy! sneaky sneaky pics lol

Hazel said...

Gorgeous sneak peaks! And I can vouch for the fact that the CJ is stunningly beautiful - super duper - and I'm looking forward to playing with flowers and doing my bit.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, those are so cute!

Port Orchard flowers

Lisa said...

ooohhh Kathy, your work is always so beautiful : )
love the cj x lis x

Sylvie :) said...

GREAT job Kathy ! this journal is wonderful ! so cheerful !!
Love the sneak peek too, I'm so curious.

Anonymous said...


Looks fun!Shame its already strated as we could have all done one! strated my own so will get this around asap!

Anonymous said...

What a scrummy little CJ!