Saturday, April 05, 2008

Super Stash Saturday


I've joined the Bind-it-All club!
After months and months of ummming and ahhhing, ever since Lythan brought hers with her when she, Sue and Anita came over to play last year I finally succombed. It was Emma (aka GetCrafty) at Sassy Crafts fault. She's just given her online shop a facelift and a new name and obviously I had to check it out. And there it was saying "Buy me, Kathy, buy me....." And it was such a fabby bargain price that I couldn't refuse, could I? Since orderong it on Thursday I've been watching tutorials on YouTube and generally surfing the net in search of info and ideas - excited? moi? How did you guess?
Anyway I was so excited this morning - I even got up early (well, what passes for early in this house on a Saturday morning) to wait for the postie's arrival. I left a trail of paper and packaging through the house as I tore into the parcel and have already made my first book.
Its so blummin' easy!
Obviously this ones not had any "tarting" up yet but I'm so chuffed that it worked so easily that I had to bung it on here in it's unadorned nakedness!
I think I'm going to keep this one for myself, maybe use it by the phone or on my desk for little notes.
The covers are chipboard squares and quite thick but that was no problem to the Bind it All - going to have to think of a name for it because Bind-it-All is a right faff to type!

BUT, new gadgie wasn't the only thing that arrived this morning. Oh no! There was another parcel too....and in that one were new Cuttlebug folders! Its taken a while but I finally tracked down somewhere that had the elusive Swiss Dots one actually IN STOCK yay! So I ordered that one, plus the Distressed Stripes and the Numbers ones too. Oh Lucky, Happy Me.

Also took delivery this week of three of the new BG 6x6 paper pads - Boxer, Archaic and Cupcake. I thought the latter would be my favourite, but I think perhaps Boxer might actually win out - the designs are so stylish and the colours rather lush and rich - I used some to do the covers for that book - which is one of the reasons its staying in this house!

More Friendly Plastic
I made a few more little embelishments while I was playing with FP for this week's DCM challenge. I planned to use them for more minimalist cards. Talk about uncooperative - I made two absolute shockers and ended up ripping the FP off the cards and having another bash.
To show you what I mean, the photo on the left shows one of them - what a horrible mess! I'm not going to show you the other one, it was even worse and this one is quite embarrassing enough. At least you'll get a laugh - and know why I keep my doodling to a minimum!

That was Thursday.
Yesterday I had another go and I'm much happier with my second attempts. I quite liked the idea of the square holey frames mounted on foam tape with the FP pieces on the card beneath, so I stuck with that, but changed to a mini DL card and panels of black and white card to display the FP squares.

The FP from the 2nd Disaster-Card was harder to use and I'm not convinced still. But its miles better than the first effort . The colours of the ribbon are a much better match irl than they look on the photoAll for now

Thanks for looking


Hazel said...

If you've seen my doodling, Kathy, you'd think yours was fine! Love all the FP. And well done on the BIA book. I must make something more with mine (I've used it twice since I got it recently). It goes through mountboard easily.

seedlings mum said...

I really like the doodling on the one you hate - never got around to using the FP I have and to be honest haven't got a clue about it!
That 3rd card with the beads is gorgeous by the way

Angelnorth said...

New toys! You'll need an extension at this rate, chuck! The book's looking fab though and your cards to use up your FP extras are looking great, too! I like the bead dangles on the second one.

Ellen said...

that last one is gorgeous Kathy , great colours and I don't see what is wrong with the other one miss perfectionist.
it's very artistic. ( or did it not fit into your 5cm square?)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

You are obviously far too much of a perfectionist Kathy. That doodling is much better than I could do.

I keep being tempted by a Bindie but not tempted enough to go from shopping cart to check out yet.

Sarah said...

I wondered how long it would be before you succumbed!! Love the little book, and I agree BG Boxer papers are FAB!

Jackie said...

I suppose I should really make an effort to use my BIA (I've used it twice since last September) Those papers are lovely.
I like the frame card :)

Karen said...

I am glad that you like your BIA Kathy. Its just so easy, goes thru cd's too. Love your cards as always X

fairymadjo said...

wow what a stunning lot of cards you have made , only hope i can make cards like that one day. jo x

Denise said...

Lovely stuff - all your work is gorgeous