Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Busy not Blogging!

Eldest niece Aimee starts her GCSEs this week so I made this last minute card for her, not the best thing I've ever made but I just didn't have the time to think it thriough. I think it took about half an hour and it probably shows!

I used the latest Self Addressed kit for this one, the papers are fab and the flower shaped cards are soooo cute. There are some gorgeous ribbon slide brads and other bits of crumminess in this kit, but I couldn't bring myself to use them so soon, so insrtead went for Prima flowers and lots of Liquid Pearls. Now all I have to do is get it in the post!

It's a busy time of the year around here. We have loads of family and friends celebrating birthdays next month so I'm trying to get cards and presents sorted for them. Being in the fabby Daring Cardmakers DT has helped loads as wherever possible I use the challenges to get those cards done
Apart from those I've pages for circle journals to do, squares to decorate for a swap and heaven knows what else. I'm certainly not getting anywhere with my mpersonal projects like my photo journal, or managing to get any pages made for Sam's scrapbook. And Oh Crikey, my folks are coming for a couple of days next week - wonder what the chances are of getting at least one page done to give them? Slim, probably.

Like a pillock I came up with a great idea for a 16th birthday gift for aforementioned Niece, Aimee.
She lives on the IOM with her family and has done all her life, but BIL started a new job over here a few months ago and has been a weekly commuter back home since then. Once Aimee's exams are over the family will be leaving the IOM for a new life over here. I think it's going to be a big shock leaving the rather slow, sleepy, sedate Manx way of life for the hurlyburly that most of us deal with every day. Anyways, I came up with the idea that she might like a little album in which she could put photos, record memories and get her friends to add messages as she leaves pretty much everything and everyone she's grown up with to start a new school, in a new house , in a new town, in what is actually a new country etc etc.
Here's what I've done so far:

I'm not getting on too quickly, I need to speed up and stop faffing with every page. I've not even started the covers yet - mainly because I've not thought what to call the thing - so if you've any bright ideas, please let me know. It's not a huge book, the cover will be something like 8x6ins I think, so no room for a great long title!
My best thought so far is "Photographs & Memories" but I'd have liked to get some mention of it being about her first 16 years etc.

I only hope she likes it - but do you ever get the feeling that some people just don't appreciate the amount of effort and time you put into things? Well this family is a bit like that.
Never mind, I'm quite enjoying making it and maybe that's the main thing, eh?


Sarah said...

Wow, that is such a lovely idea for your Niece to record all her memories in. I'm sure she will love it!
The card is also great, I know what you mean about those cute little ribbon brads I haven't used mine yet either!

Kaz said...

Kathy it's lovely and bright and funky - don't you just love basic grey for that?- I think she'll love it. I'm useless at thinking things but will have a go. She's got a daunting time ahead of her, wish her luck! x

Di said...

Wow Kathy, it's gorgeous! I can't wait to see the rest of it when you've finished.

Angelnorth said...

Ha, I just tagged you and now see you've been tagged already so maybe you can consider yourself to have done it in advance :)

The little book for Aimee is looking lovely. I'll mull over the title question and let you know if inspiration strikes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! half an hour... it's gorgeous card and I think your niece will adore her gift... it's so lovely

Angela said...

Wow fab book, love it!

Esther said...

That card look as if it took much longert, and the results are superb! you shoule be proud! love the idea of the way you have done the flower, and loving that book, sorry no time to stop at the mo to properly have a read through you blog but i hope to be back :)

Lynne.x said...

The book and card are lovely Kathy - can't think of a title, but will keep trying

Rosie said...

Kathy, sure she will love the book you're doing - it is beautiful!

Susan said...

What wonderful pages!! We know how long these things take and how close they are to our hearts. What about "IOM - my life thus far" or something similar?

Your card is wonderful too. I also enjoyed reading your seven facts. I think most of us have had a go at answering that tag now too :-)

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh Kathy, this little book is such a thoughtful and precious idea!.. and how funky and fun it is.. I'm sure Aimee is just going to love it. and she'll have fun completing it.

Peechy said...

wow!! lovely card and fabby book!!

will try to come up with a title xxx

Paula said...

Lvoely & colourful. The whole idea is to take your time, faff & have fun!! Enjoy the process. I sometimes rush to complete something for a deadline & realise I didnt enjoy the making it process & then feel cheated of an wonderful experience so faff away Miss Kathy.x

nickynoo said...

Kathy, that book is just fabulous! It's put together with love and care, that's what counts. x

Rainowgirl said...

Hi Kathy - Aimee should love this little book. It's so pretty. How about 'Aimee grown up' for the title.

I know what you mean about not being appreciated, but I guess we probably get as much fun out of making and giving and we shouldn't expect the recipient to be grateful, though I'm sure they mostly are. Do they keep your cards? That's a sure sign of them liking them.

Thanks for the answer about the faux chipboard. Now I need to follow up your suggestion for a counter and work out how to add one to my site.

Have a good weekend


Jo said...

Wow both of these look fantastic, so much work and they look beautiful. I think that sometimes 'non crafty' people don;t appreciate the hard work and love that has gone into creating something but the enjoyment of making them is the main thing and I love seeing all of your wonderful works of art!

jo xx