Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yay! Card Order Completed at last

I've finished an order for some cards today - two for kiddies cards which I'm not terrifically keen on doing. In this case they are for the same two children I've recently made cards for too, so I couldn't just use the same idea :-(
I also had a Christening card to make, so did that first - to ease me into the groove - OK I did it first because I like making those more than kids cards.... Oooops, just noticed that the little silver cross is lying the wrong way on the photo - took the pics in a hurry and should have checked it was hanging correctly - too late now - but it hangs loose on a silver thread so honestly, it's not wonky in the real!

Sam is a little boy who loves techie stuff like mobile phones and remote controls - I was asked to make him a card last year with a mobile phone on, and apparently his taste in playthings hasn't changed so I decided to do something different but still use some phones. I made the letters - cut them from thick card, covered them with paper and used Glossy Accents over the top. The papers are from MM's "Kid's Collection- Sam" - I couldn't resist the link with the recipient's name.
I really liked the first one I did for Roan's birthday - that was the one her mum ordered and I used one of Jane's lovely little nresses and a Pink Princess theme - there's a photo somewhere further down my blog, I think. This is for her Grandma to give her and I'm not so pleased with this. I was told that Roan likes butterflies, but I found it hard to come up with anything! The card has a glittered vellum overlay with butterflies on it and I cut out another butterfly and used it to make a fluttery one for the tag.

I've even been out and posted them off - had to dodge the thundery showers to go to the postbox too.

Got some new QK dies today - I've bought the new Paper Doll set, the photo corners and the little dog - the one with bows, though I'm not planning on using the bows too often! I've been so busy with the card order and making some others that I needed to get in the post today that I've not had time to do any more than open the package - now that's hardly fair is it?


Debbie said...

All the cards are fantastic as always Kathy. How on earth did you cut the letters out for Sam - I hate cutting!!!!!!

Have fun with your new dies - can't wait to see what you do with the Paper Dolls and woo-hoo you got the photo corners - bet you get addited to them like I have :-)

Janine said...

oh nice cards Kathy!!!! very styley....

maggie said...

Lovley cards Kathy as always.I have the baby ribbon for boy & girl its beautiful.

LisaBabe said...

Kathy, great cards as always. I'm so jealous you have the dolls - I'm definitely getting them when I get home from holiday.

Alicia said...

Hi Kathie, Thanks for cisiting my blog. Hope you come again. Your cards are lovely.