Saturday, August 12, 2006

Meet Audrey

We planted a yukka in the front garden of our old house and one year were "blessed" with a flower - if you can call it that. This thing just grew and grew and developed a personality of it's own. We called her Audrey (from the "Little Shop of Horrors"). Mothers would call their children back as they walked past the garden to stand, staring open-mouthed and pointing. When I finally cut her down - with a saw, I might add as she was so thick I measured her at 12feet high.


Calv said...


That is just scary Kathy! Kind of pretty in a strange way but definately scary! I would have to take the long way past your house if that was in the garden, it even looks like it would have it's own personality. Thanks for the pic though, i know now that Maddy was'nt exaggerating when she told me about it!

marsha said...

had a flower like that when we lived in new mexico. The thing practically a foot a day until it was taller than the house.

maggie said...

Oh gosh Kathy that's quite freeky looking. It looks like it has a mind of it's own.