Monday, August 14, 2006

Where's my lovely summer gone?

Another miserable wet day. What happened to our lovely hot and sunny summer?
We don't switch our heating off in the summer as it's controlled by a thermostat gadget thing but the last few days it's actually been coming on in the mornings. It's August for heaven's sake - last evening I found myself thinking about digging out my joggers because it was so chilly!
We were up and about earlier than we like on Saturday as the rain woke us up beating down on the velux window which is abve the bed! Youngest of the Nieces has a birthday coming up so we headed for the grim, grotty place that is Stevenage town centre - a place we go maybe once a year but for quick in-and-out shopping trips is easy. If we want to browse we go somewhere nicer! Bought a pretty girly top in Next and then in the cheap books and stuff shop next door found loads of crafty bits and pieces which she'll like as she's into making cards and doing arty crafty stuff. I bought a canvas and some acrylic paints as I have a project in mind for a present for Middle Niece for Christmas (not going to say any more because it'll probably never happen anyway!), Then a quick call into the crafter's favourite cheapie shop - Poundland (- yes, everything's £1). Yay they had foam tape and pads so I could stock up on those, and on rolls of double sided tape too. Happy Bunny here.

Not a great crafting weekend despite spending what seems like most of it at my desk. I managed to finish two cards, that's all - and another couple got to the "OK now what do I do with it" stage and went in the box with all the other half-made ones waiting for some inspiration to finish them off - more often they just stay in the box.
Did make the card for Niece's birthday though so just to prove my weekend wasn't entirely fruitless on the craft front here it is.


LisaBabe said...

Fantastic card, Kathy - I love those citrus colours.

Missy said...

Wow. You are so talented. Nice place you have here. :~)