Wednesday, August 09, 2006


After I'd taken some photos of my blackberry "vines" I roamed around looking for more stuff to photograph. Found this beautiful yellow rose and this other flowering shrub that I don't know - so guess what today's question is? Anyone able to enlighten me?

A few years ago we went to The Algarve for our holidays and I bought a packet of "Seeds of Portugal" There were various types and they all grew - but gradually I've managed to kill all except two bougainvillea plants which despite all the odds have survived and flower regularly. They are enjoying their summer break out in the garden at the moment and deserve to have their photos taken as they look pretty against today's blue sky.


Jane said...

beautiful photos Kathy, reminds me of home ! Sorry to read you had a bit of an iffy time a few days ago- hope you are feeling better - sending big hugs

Debbie said...

Lovely photos Kathy - sorry can't help with the plant - I still have so many in my garden that I don't know the names of either ! LOL