Friday, November 25, 2016

Gift Topper Tags!

A lovely sunny day here today.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stays away this weekend as we really need to get the garden winter-ready; put the cover on the patio furniture and fleece up a couple of the more tender plants.  It would be better if everything was dry before we do that and the weather over the last couple of weekends has not played nicely

My Christmas crafting is progressing - albeit in fits and starts.  I sat at my desk the other day to make more cards and made nothing other than a mess all day!  Yesterday was much better - but I've now got to the stage where my nice big desk has a space only about 20cm sq left for me to actually work in.  I am pretty sure a lot of you will know that situation!

Anyway, one thing that has gone pretty well for a change is making some gift tags. 
This week's Daring Cardmakers challenge is another "Step Away From the Cards" challenge and it's:
 Make a Tag
Just make and decorate a tag or label for a gift -
and remember, it doesn't even have to be Christmas-themed. 

I really don't enjoy making tags at all, but still feel guilty if I don't - so I was chuffed to bits when I came up with this idea, which is really a tag and a gift topper all in one. 
Somehow, not being faced with a tag shaped piece of card makes it all so much simpler!
I started by making a Word document with the names of those we'd be giving presents to on an A4 page.  If I expected there to be more than one present, I added the name a couple of times.
I chose a nice handwriting-style font in a large size, and just had two names per"column", with space between the rows for cutting apart.  The names were positioned so that there was a large space to the left of the name, and enough space to the right for cutting the "V" shape out with scissors

I printed the pages out onto white card and chopped them up ready to use.  I've put them all in a plastic pocket (the sort you get to store CD roms in - I use them for some of my Nesties dies). 
Next I cut a load of largish stars in the same white card - I'll stick one on the end of the name label and use it as the base for everything else I stick on.

I've also cut a pile of stars and snowflakes in various kinds of card in the colours of the gift wrap I'm using this year, plus some pine sprigs and holly leaves from green card and put them in a box with the labels. 
Into the box I've added some of the new and old embellishments I thought I could use - you know, the sort of things which are too fat, or delicate for sending through the post but you couldn't resist buying anyway!
Now its just a case of assembling them when I have a few minutes - they really don't take long, even though they probably look as though they do ;)

I suppose these are more like the embellishments I like to make for cards, but even more "lumpy", so more fun to make.  and definitely an improvement on my usual tag efforts! 

If you click HERE you can see the tags the rest of our fab team have made, and of course, we would love to see your gift tags too!

Thank you for visiting today, I hope you'll leave a message and let me know what you think of these tags.



Katie Lamb said...

These are stunning and love the layers of foliage

Shabneez said...

I think you must write challenges at this time of year to aid in getting everything done in time Kathy! A great idea for someone who doesn't like making tags! Love the personalisation element. Shabneez xxx

Karin van eijk said...

these are beautiful Kathy
Gr Karin

Laine said...

Such fabulous and festive tags Kathy. Stunning!

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Kathy these are gorgeous tags. That is a very clever idea that you came up with. I hope you get your garden sorted. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

Wow, these are just stunning. More than one year I have made tags for my Christmas gifts, but I don't think they were nearly as stunning as this

Cathy Clowes said...

These really are stunning Kathy and a great way of using up your fabulous embellishments. I'm not much of a tag person either. Cathy x