Friday, February 20, 2015

Childhood (book) Heroes

Daring Cardmakers day again and....
"It's Svenja here and I'd like to invite you to take a little stroll down memory lane this week. Do you remember the time when your parents would read a good-night story for you? And then the first books you read on your own? And probably over and over again just because you loved their characters so much... 
I'd like you to create a card to commemorate this time and your
Childhood (book) Heroes. 
Be it The Famous Five or The Three Investigators, Max and Moritz or Alice in Wonderland, the girls from St. Clare's or Peter Pan and Captain Hook or someone else entirely - who were the written heroes that accompanied you through your childhood and youth?"
I'm not sure I had any books that I returned to over and over - I must have read every one of the "Secret 7" and "Famous 5" books, and I loved stories set in boarding schools - like the "Chalet School" and !Mallory Towers" books, but for my card this week, I turned to books I still love yet, for the clever stories, wonderful characters and fabulous drawings it has to be the two Winnie the Pooh books.  
....And you can forget those dreadful Disney pale imitations too - what a travesty they are - it should all be destroyed in my opinion!
Stick to the real stories told by AA Milne, and E Shepard illustrated so beautifully - why on earth would you want Pooh any other way>?

So, with my rant for the day over, here's my card
I used a template I made for my old Craft Robo years ago, but his time I thought I'd have a go at making a shaped card and add the balloon on wire so that it really "floats" above Pooh's head"
Materials and Tools
Bazzill card for bear and balloon
VeraMagic and Cats Eye Inks in brown and blue shades
Small black brad for eye
Blue wire
Silhouette machine to cut the various pieces
I'm quite pleased at the way he's turned out - I'm not going to send him to anyone, this is one for my shelf!
I thought I might as well dig out the card I made from this template originally - I still think it's cute, but that could be because I just love Winnie the Pooh and all his friends!

Please visit the DCM BLOG to see all the cards the team have made this week - and we'd love to hear about your own favourite childhood book heroes too
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Enfys said...

Love this Kathy - that's a proper Pooh bear that is! X

Jo said...

Amazing Pooh Bear, 'tis a brilliant card xx

Kaz said...

I love your card Kathy and I agree you should keep it for yourself. The original card is gorgeous too xxx

Svenja said...

It's funny, Kathy, we all seem to have a lot to say about our childhood heroes. I think your card is still cute but your new Pooh is way cool! I love the way you attached the balloon, it's gorgeous.

Miri said...

That's another beautiful Pooh card.
It was interessting to read your rant =). I got to know Pooh bear during my Au Pair year in the US (the Disney version). I might need to have a look at the original.